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Episode 57

The Kolkata House of Horrors – Part 2

Disturbing memories, scrawled in cursive books meant for kindergarteners: “My mother made my sister strip in the bathroom… My mother thinks I am impotent. She wanted to see me develop a relationship. This is why she used to send a maid servant to my room to excite me.” The inscriptions, incongruous with the whimsical books in which they were found. The mother in question is Aarati De, and everything that’s happened over the course of decades at house number 3 on Robinson Street can be traced back to her. What seemed on the surface to be a psychopath on the loose morphs into a far more complicated web. Who killed Debjani, where is Aarati, and what happened to Partho? Welcome to part two of the Kolkata House of Murders.