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Episode 81

Not So Jolly Joseph

What’s in a name? Astrologers would argue two syllables might entail your entire destiny; such is the power of a name. But what if your life is the exact opposite of what your name portends? Our protagonist today bears such a name. Her name is Jolly. Jolly Joseph. One of her neighbors went on record to say, “Jolly seemed like the perfect woman to us.” If you didn’t know any more about her, you’d assume that praising a person in a true crime podcast implies that they are the victim, or soon to be victim. Here you have a pretty girl, everyone loves her, and her name means ‘joy’. But I urge you to keep aside your preconceived notions for this episode. This is the story still shakes Kerelaites to their core; this is the story of Jolly Amma Joseph.