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Episode 82

Not So Jolly Joseph – Part 2

One cardiovascular aberration after another. Stroke after stroke. Heart attacks galore in the Thomas household. 1 anomaly is understandable. But 4, that’s a bit much. Especially when the patients are in their 40s and 50s. And then appears out of thin air, a will, that allegedly of Tom Thomas. Almost as if it was conjured by someone who would benefit from it. Rojo Thomas believed that that ‘someone’ was none other than the newly appointed matriarch of the Thomas household – Jolly Amma Joseph. But why would Jolly, a beloved member of the pink poonamattam palace be involved in this charade? Was this a plot against her? Or, was everything a plot by her long before anyone even laid a suspicious eye on her? Welcome back, to part 2 of the jarring story of Jolly Joseph.