Episode 51

Uvalde Timeline, Durham Probe, SCOTUS Leak, Housing Market

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start on the emerging timeline of the horrific school shooting in Texas that claimed 21 lives, reiterating their stances on the gun debate at the forefront of American discourse right now. From there, they move on to emerging details from the Durham probe on the Clinton campaign’s role in spreading false dirt on Trump’s ties to Russia, weighing in on whether there’s a smoking gun in the newest revelations. The hosts continue with the intensifying investigation into who leaked the Supreme Court’s draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade, and they finish up by answering a question for the anxious would-be homebuyers out there: what’s going on with the housing market? 


Cory runs down what we know about the timeline of the Uvalde shooting and the police response, as Ravi and Rikki criticize their cautious approach and question the communication breakdown that led to it. The hosts then revisit their stances on gun reform.

Rikki talks us through what we’re learning from the Durham probe and Hillary Clinton’s role in spreading faulty information on Trump’s Russia ties, as Ravi and Cory push back on the sweeping narrative claiming there was never anything to the Mueller probe or similar investigations.

Rikki explains the intensifying hunt for the leaker at the Supreme Court, requiring clerks to hand over cell phone records and sign affidavits.

Ravi unpacks the state of the housing market and argues it isn’t yet a bubble much less one near popping. Rikki delves into how big cities are pricing out their residents and making it far too hard to build new housing as Ravi discusses the simple supply-demand gap that’s keeping homes at elevated values.

Uvalde Response [01:15]

What we know, minute by minute, about how the Uvalde shooting and police response unfolded (The Texas Tribune, 05/27)

Hillary x Russiagate [13:20]

How the Sussmann trial revealed Hillary Clinton’s role in the Alfa Bank scandal (The Hill, 05/21)
Hillary Clinton Did It (The Wall Street Journal, 05/20)
Again: There’s no evidence Hillary Clinton triggered the Russia probe (The Washington Post, 05/23)
Prosecutors say Clinton campaign lawyer tried ‘to manipulate the FBI’ with Trump-Russia tip as first Durham trial opens (CNN, 05/17)
It Wasn’t a Hoax (The Atlantic, 11/25/2021)

SCOTUS Probe [26:20]

Exclusive: Supreme Court leak investigation heats up as clerks are asked for phone records in unprecedented move (CNN, 05/31)
GOP calls for SCOTUS probe set off alarm bells (The Hill, 05/08)
U.S. Supreme Court launches probe into leak of draft abortion opinion (Reuters, 05/03)
Supreme Court leak probe likely to focus on justices, clerks, and staff (ABC News, 05/06)
GOP demands probe into leaked draft Supreme Court abortion decision (NBC News, 05/03)

Housing Market [30:10]

The U.S. Housing Market Has Peaked (The Atlantic, 05/19)
Why You Should Wait Out the Wild Housing Market (The Atlantic, 05/28)
‘This Is Unprecedented’: Why America’s Housing Market Has Never Been Weirder (The Atlantic, 05/05)
Housing Boom Is on Borrowed Time (The Wall Street Journal, 05/20)
Housing in America has become much harder to afford (The Economist, 05/23)
Wages Can’t Keep Up With Spike in Housing Prices (The New York Times, 05/05)