Ep 212

Two Reasons to Hope

Ravi talks with Dr. Marshall Bolden about innovative approaches in healthcare and with New York City's Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol about his role in managing a wide range of crises, from a large influx of migrant arrivals to earthquakes.


Dr. Marshall Bolden, Chief Medical Officer at Mississippi’s Vigilant Health, joins Ravi to discuss Vigilant Health’s innovative approach to revolutionizing medicine and improving patient care. They talk about why more health organizations should focus on changing patient behavior, using data for value-based healthcare, and building trust to empower patients to manage their health.

Then, Zach Iscol, New York City’s Emergency Management Commissioner, joins Ravi to talk about his role in managing the wide range of crises in New York City, how the agency navigated the peak of the migrant crisis there, and NYCEM’s response to Friday’s historic earthquake.