Episode 141

Trump Indictment, Shocking SCOTUS Ruling, Greedflation

Former President Trump has been indicted on charges linked to the mishandling of classified documents after leaving office. What happens next, and will he be arrested? Ravi and Isaac dive into the details of these historic charges. On Thursday, SCOTUS upheld a decision overturning Alabama's congressional map, finding the recently redrawn boundaries violated the Voting Rights Act and intentionally curtailed the electoral influence of black voters. Ever since inflation began to spike, the term Greedflation has been thrown around by the left and the right. So what is it?


Trump Indictment [00:55]

Trump Charged Over Willful Retention of Classified Information, Obstruction (Wall Street Journal, 6/9/23)

My Initial Reaction to the Trump Indictment (Tangle, 6/9/23)

Shocking SCOTUS Ruling [26:37] 

Supreme Court Upholds Section 2 of Voting Rights Act (SCOTUSblog, 6/8/23)

Greedflation [39:15]

Were We Wrong About “Greedflation”? (Tangle, 5/26/23)