episode 147

Threads Explosion, Student Debt Fight, Affirmative Action Future

Meta kicked off the ultimate social media war with their launch of Threads. The Twitter alternative has quickly become the fastest growing social media network in history. Ravi and Rikki discuss the new platform’s extraordinary rise. They also debate what it might mean for Elon Musk. SCOTUS struck down Biden’s student-loan forgiveness program. The hosts weigh in on the ruling, Biden’s new plan, and what this all means for borrowers. Lastly, writer and education expert Richard Kahlenberg joins to break down the Supreme Court’s groundbreaking decision on affirmative action, the future of college admissions, and what we can do to create a more equitable higher education environment.


Threads Explosion [01:45]

Introducing Threads: A New Way to Share With Text (Meta, 7/5/23)
The Rapid Rise of Threads Appears to Be Hurting Twitter (Wall Street Journal, 7/10/23)
Threads is All The Worst Parts of Twitter And Instagram in One Very Bad App (VICE, 7/7/23)
Threads Takes on Twitter (New York Times, 7/9/23)
The Daily: Will Threads Kill Twitter? (New York Times, 7/10/23)
Like Gen Z’s Takeover Of Twitter’ (Forbes, 7/8/23)Instagram’s Threads surpasses 100 million users (The Verge, 7/10/23)
Some investors are backing both Twitter and Threads maker Meta (Axios, 7/10/23)
Meta is finally having its moment with the Twitter alternative Threads (Vox, 7/10/23)
5 Reasons Why Twitter Should Be Worried About Meta’s Threads (Make Use Of, 7/10/23)
Threads vs. Twitter: The ultimate battle has begun (Data Economy, 7/10/23)
Twitter’s Threads Threat to Meta Turns on What’s Under the Hood (Bloomberg Law, 7/10/23)
Elon Musk goes low against Zuckerberg as Twitter-Threads spat intensifies (The Guardian, 7/10/23)
Australian firm sues Twitter for unpaid bills (Washington Times, 7/7/23)
It looks like Twitter still isn’t paying its office bills (Yahoo, 7/4/23)
Elon Musk Really Broke Twitter This Time (The Atlantic, 7/3/23)
Elon Musk Tweets: Zuck is a Cuck/Dick Measuring Contest (Twitter)
Threads Users ‘Trapped’ As They Realize You Can’t Delete The App Without Deleting Instagram Too (Bored Panda, 7/10/23)
Threads to Add $8 Billion to Meta Annual Revenue by 2025, Analyst Says (Bloomberg, 7/10/23)
How Threads’ Privacy Policy Compares to Twitter’s (and Its Rivals’) (WIRED, 7/8/23)

Student Debt Fight [17:10]

Supreme Court strikes down Biden student-loan forgiveness program (SCOTUSblog, 6/30/23)
Americans with student debt back at square one after supreme court ruling (The Guardian, 7/8/23)
How Biden Might Try to Cancel Student Debt Next (New York Times, 7/10/23)
Student loans: How borrowers should prepare after the Supreme Court ruling (CBS News, 7/8/23)
‘This decision is a slap in the face’: the real cost of the US student debt ruling (The Guardian, 7/5/23)
Student debt: Democrats seek to galvanize young voters over Supreme Court ruling (The Hill, 7/8/23)
Statement from President Joe Biden on Supreme Court Decision on Student Loan Debt Relief (The White House, 6/30/23)
FTC warns about student loan scams following Supreme Court decision (CNBC, 7/5/23)
Supreme Court ruling on Biden’s student debt handout is much bigger than you think (Fox News, 7/6/23)
Bloomberg Wealth: Is a College Education Still Worth the Price? (Bloomberg, 7/6/23)
Biden Officials Take First Step To Create New Student Loan Forgiveness Plan (Forbes, 7/5/23)
Should Biden Forgive Student Loan Debt? (Imbroglio, 5/4/23)

Affirmative Action Future [32:25]

How To Fix College Admissions Now (New York Times, 7/5/23)
Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action programs in college admissions (SCOTUS Blog, 6/29/23)
Colleges should apply affirmative action—based on needs, not race (New York Post, 7/3/23)
Don’t stop at affirmative action: End college legacy admissions too (New York Post, 6/21/23)
‘Race neutral’ replaces affirmative action. What’s next? (CNN, 7/1/23)
How The End Of Affirmative Action Reroutes The Talent Pipeline (Forbes, 7/9/23)
‘Race neutral’ replaces affirmative action. What’s next? (CNN, 7/1/23)
A surprisingly muted reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action (Brookings Institute, 7/7/23)
Latinx Files: Affirmative action is dead. What’s next? (Los Angeles Times, 7/6/23)
The fallout from the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision has already begun (The 19thsubsta, 7/10/23)
The facts about affirmative action didn’t change. The court did. (The Hill, 7/10/23)
Why It’s Time for Legacy College Admissions to Go (TIME, 5/8/23)
The Liberal Maverick Fighting Race-Based Affirmative Action (New York Times, 3/29/23)