Episode 88

Supreme Court Partisanship, MLK Protests, Debating Debaters

Ravi and Rikki start by asking what makes a good protest, in light of the much-derided demonstrations from groups like Just Stop Oil and Animal Rebellion recently. Then the hosts turn to a question many treat as settled: is the Supreme Court partisan? And if so, is it more partisan than it used to be? Finally, Ravi and Rikki discuss whether political debates can be saved, as more and more candidates up and down the ballot try to dodge the debate stage. 


Rikki questions the effectiveness of some bold protest tactics deployed in the name of animal rights and climate activism in the UK, as she and Ravi transition into the challenging question of where society should draw the line on demonstration and how history judges civil disobedience.

The hosts note the American public’s plummeting trust in the Supreme Court and try to unravel the widely held reason: it’s become a partisan institution. Ravi and Rikki ask whether that’s true, and if so, whether it’s more true now than in years past.

Finally, Ravi takes us back to yesteryear, when political debates seemed to matter more than they do now, as he and Rikki examine the recent rise in debate dodging, what’s behind it, and whether it can change back.

What Makes a Good Protest? [2:32]

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Is the Supreme Court Partisan? [14:56]

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The Debate Over Debates [32:07]

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