Episode 44

Student Debt, Ohio Primary, Teen Mental Health, China Lockdowns, Chappelle

Ravi starts the show off with a quick reminder of the newcomer to the Lost Debate Network, the Desi Crime Podcast, as well as the newsletter. The hosts then discuss J.D. Vance winning the GOP primary in Ohio, President Biden’s plan for student loan forgiveness, China’s COVID lockdowns and their economic impact, Cerebral halting Adderall prescriptions, and the mental health crisis we’re seeing in teens today.


Ravi reminds the audience about the Desi Crime Podcast and the newsletter.

The hosts discuss how J.D. Vance won the Republican primary in Ohio and what to expect from the upcoming general election.

Ravi and Rikki give the cases for and against President Biden forgiving student loan debt, closing with the political implications of taking that on.

Cory and Rikki go over the shocking on-stage attack on Dave Chappelle as Ravi argues it indicates an increasing breakdown in societal norms. 

Ravi breaks down the widespread COVID lockdowns pushing China into a growth recession and Cory and Rikki ask how a slowdown there could affect the global economy as a whole. 

Rikki updates us on Cerebral halting new Adderall prescriptions after journalists reported on malpractice within the company. 

Rikki closes the show by going over her research on the declining state of teen mental health and what’s driving a frightening crisis in America’s young adults.

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