episode 161

Historic Strikes, Schools + Anonymous Social Media, Monopoly Crackdown

The UAW joined the Summer of Strikes last week in an effort to push Detroit’s three major automakers to raise wages. The hosts discuss what makes this strike different from the others and how this wave of strikes could alter the labor landscape. A school principal has taken an unconventional approach to anonymous social media accounts. Ravi and Rikki debate the move and suggest other solutions to combat the rise in anonymous social media accounts and cyberbullying. Finally, the Biden administration has proposed sweeping changes to antitrust enforcement. Will this ambitious new push reshape our economy or backfire?


Historic Strikes [00:24]

The United Auto Workers strike. (Tangle, 9/18/23)
The U.S. Lost 4.1 Million Days of Work Last Month to Strikes (Wall Street Journal, 9/16/23)
Drew Barrymore talk show will pause production until Hollywood strike ends (Washington Post, 9/17/23)
Bill Maher Reverses Decision to Restart Show (New York Times, 9/18/23)
Unemployment rate unexpectedly rose to 3.8% in August as payrolls increased by 187,000 (CNBC, 9/1/23)
White House team to go to Detroit ‘early this week’ to help resolve UAW strike (NBC News, 9/17/23)
In the Autoworkers’ Strike, One Side Has the Higher Ground (New York Times, 9/15/23)
How much does an average UAW autoworker make—and how much do Big Three CEOs get paid? (CBS, 9/15/23)
30 years of strikes: See how the UAW walkout stacks up (Washington Post, 9/15/23)
You may have heard of the ‘union boom.’ The numbers tell a different story (NPR, 2/28/23)
A UAW Strike Made in Washington (Wall Street Journal, 9/15/23)
The big winner of the UAW strike: Tesla (And the big loser: Biden) (Hot Air, 9/15/23)
Strikes make a comeback in America (CNN, 9/16/23)
A Summer of Strikes (New York Times, 9/16/23)
Strikes spiked in July, as workers seek higher wages to keep up with inflation (Washington Post, 8/4/23)
What’s the state of the Hollywood strikes? (VOX, 9/18/23)
Return of some shows to daytime television signals new phase in Hollywood strikes (PBS, 9/16/23)
Only 2% of actors make a living. How do you become one of them? (Guardian, 7/5/19)
Most SAG Actors Don’t Even Make A Living Wage. Here Are Their Stories (Rolling Stone, 8/4/23)

Schools + Anonymous Social Media [25:33]

NYC principal threatens to suspend students who follow specific Instagram accounts (Chalkbeat, 9/15/23)
NYC principal cracks down on ‘dangerous’ cyberbullying Instagram accounts (New York Post, 9/16/23)
Videos capture extent of student brawls at Queens high school (New York Post, 10/23/21)
Teachers and Parents Demand Instagram Stop Enabling Bullying of Kids and Educators on
Anonymous School ‘Confessions’ Accounts
 (American Federation of Teachers, 10/7/22)
High School Students and Alumni Are Using Social Media to Expose Racism (New York Times, 7/16/20)

Monopoly Crackdown [40:56]

The Justice Department Controversy You Might Have Missed (Politico, 9/18/23)
Biden launches assault on monopolies (Politico, 7/9/21)
How Biden Can Get Antitrust Right (Wall Street Journal, 7/27/23)
Merger Guidelines: Taking on a Monopoly Crisis (Pro Market, 9/12/23)
The feds just laid out new guidelines for approving mergers — here they are (CNBC, 7/19/23)
Biden Administration Unveils Tougher Guidelines on Mergers (New York Times, 9/19/23)
FTC Chair Khan, Antitrust AAG Kanter, and Advocates Discuss Draft Merger Guidelines (American Economic Liberties Project, 8/10/23)
The FTC’s populist push is jeopardizing its credibility (The Hill, 1/26/23)
“Consumer Welfare” and the Real Battle for the Soul of Antitrust (Pro Market, 4/19/23)
In the Google antitrust trial, defaults are everything and nobody likes Bing (Verge, 9/15/23)
As Google Turns 25, It Faces The Biggest Tech Antitrust Trial Of A Generation (Forbes, 9/11/23)
The Google Trial Is Going to Rewrite Our Future (New York Times, 9/18/23)
FTC antitrust showdown with Amazon nears (Market Watch, 9/18/23)