Episode 30

Sports Betting, Uber/Lyft Union Fight, Schools in Crisis, Ryan Coogler

Today, the hosts dive into the labor dispute between Uber and Lyft and their drivers, teachers striking in Minneapolis, pandemic learning loss, an NFL wide receiver getting a full-year ban for betting on games, and Ryan Coogler being mistaken for a bank robber.


Cory gives a brief rundown on the unionization efforts and how Uber and Lyft, among others, are combating them. Ravi picks up with more specifics on the changes we’d see if gig workers were able to unionize and how the apps are pushing back. (00:54)

Rikki offers some nuance on why gig workers might not universally support unionizing. Ravi gives some data on why flexibility may genuinely be the goal for some gig workers while pointing out what the PRO Act gets right and wrong. (04:17)

Cory outlines the teacher strike in Minneapolis right now, and how thousands of kids are out of school as a result. Ravi offers solutions to get kids back in their seats. (10:32)

Rikki highlights some troubling new data on pandemic learning losses and calls for a nationwide response above and beyond what’s being done on a local level. Cory examines the damage from a posterity perspective. (16:51)

Ravi criticizes the progressive resistance to standardized testing and argues the media adds to the wrongheaded criticism. (20:09)

The hosts have a lighthearted debate about an article in The Atlantic calling for a new school calendar with a break over winter rather than summer. Ravi argues there shouldn’t be a sustained break at all and schooling should be available year-round. (21:54)

The hosts look at NFL wide receiver Calvin Ridley’s full-year ban for betting on games and whether he got a fair punishment. They also give their thoughts on the explosive growth we’ve seen in the newly legalized sports betting industry. (29:04)

Cory explains how Atlanta police recently detained “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler at a bank in Atlanta on suspicion he was robbing it. The hosts discuss whether the incident was an example of racial profiling or a simple misunderstanding. (34:56)

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