Episode 100

SBF Indicted, The Twitter Files, ChatGPT

First, Ravi and Rikki react to the breaking news on Sam Bankman-Fried’s fraud indictment. Then the hosts turn to the wide-ranging “Twitter Files” reporting, discussing why it’s such a political litmus test and which aspects they consider the most significant. Finally, Rikki and Ravi read us their college application essays as crafted by the revolutionary new AI program ChatGPT.


Ravi and Rikki briefly touch on the breaking news around Sam Bankman-Fried’s arrest in the Bahamas and the numerous charges filed against him by both the SEC and federal prosecutors in New York.

Ravi and Rikki dive headfirst into the ongoing saga that is the “Twitter Files,” pulling out the key takeaways, discussing their slanted reception in the media, and debating their significance. 

Finally, Ravi and Rikki outsource their show prep to ChatGPT and talk about the implications of technology capable of producing reasonably high-quality writing. 

SBF Indicted [2:44]
Twitter Files [4:50]

The Twitter Files, Part 1 (Twitter/Matt Taibbi, 12/2)
The Twitter Files, Part 2 (Twitter/Bari Weiss, 12/8)
The Twitter Files, Part 3 (Twitter/Matt Taibbi, 12/9)
The Twitter Files, Part 4 (Twitter/Michael Shellenberger, 12/10)
The Twitter Files, Part 5 (Twitter/BariWeiss, 12/11)
Elon Musk can’t have it both ways on free speech (UnHerd, 12/12)
Elon Musk is a Far-Right Activist (The Atlantic, 12/11)
The media’s silence on the ‘Twitter Files’ is shameful (New York Post Op-Ed, 12/11)
Remembering the Journalists and Elected Dems Who Dismissed the Twitter Shadow-Banning ‘Conspiracy Theory’ (National Review, 12/12)

ChatGPT [31:06]

Five Remarkable Chats That Will Help You Understand ChatGPT (The Atlantic, 12/8)
The College Essay Is Dead (The Atlantic, 12/6)
The End of High-School English (The Atlantic, 12/9)
AI is finally good at stuff, and that’s a problem (Recode, 12/7)
New AI chatbot ‘ChatGPT’ interviewed on TV (BBC Channel 4 News, 12/8)