Episode 120

SAT/ACT Requirements, Men’s Preventative Health Care, Equity Language

Ravi, Rikki, and Joe start with two trends in education: universities moving away from SAT/ACT requirements, and a growing defection from the U.S. News college rankings. Then we turn to the doctor’s office and try to unravel why men aren’t seeking out preventive care. Finally, we sit down with The Atlantic’s George Packer on his recent piece about the pitfalls of equity language.


SAT/ACT Requirements [02:42]

Columbia Becomes First Ivy League School to Ditch Standardized-Test Requirement (National Review, 3/2/23)
How American Schools Manufacture Anxious Teens (The Atlantic, 3/8/23)
Keep The SAT (National Review, 3/8/23)
Think Again: “College Admissions Exams Drive Higher Education Inequities” (Thomas B. Fordham Institute, 2/1/23)
Here’s what happened when 3 colleges, including the University of Pennsylvania, went test optional (HigherEdDive, 9/27/22)
Columbia is Test-Optional (Columbia Undergraduate Admissions, 3/1/23)
What’s a Good SAT Score? (U.S. News & World Report, 9/15/22)
Elon Musk and Mark Cuban Clash Over College Admissions (The Street, 3/5/23)
U.S. News Dropped Columbia’s Ranking, but Its Own Methods Are Now Questioned (The New York Times, 9/12/22)
Why Elite Law and Medical Schools Can’t Stand U.S. News (Wall Street Journal, 2/28/23)
Defending Its Rankings, U.S. News Takes Aim at Top Law Schools (The New York Times, 3/3/23)
Colorado College Withdraws From U.S. News & World Report Undergrad Ranking (Wall Street Journal, 2/27/23)
Why Aren’t More Institutions Following Colorado College and RISD? (Inside Higher Ed, 3/6/23)
Cardona vs. ‘U.S. News’ (Inside Higher Ed, 3/6/23)
An Investigation of the Facts Behind Columbia’s U.S. News Ranking (Michael Thaddeus, 2/22)

Men’s Preventive Health Care [26:46]

Why Do So Many Men Avoid Doctor’s Visits? (The New York Times, 3/3/23)
Why Don’t Men Go to the Doctor as Often as Women? (Tri-City Medical Center)
Why So Many Men Avoid Going to the Doctor (Healthline, 9/14/22)
Why men avoid doctor visits (UCI Health, 11/1/16)
Why men often die earlier than women (Harvard Health Publishing, 6/22/20)
Cleveland Clinic Survey Reveals Men’s Top Health Concerns as They Age (Cleveland Clinic, 9/7/22)
Why do People Avoid Medical Care? A Qualitative Study Using National Data (National Library of Medicine, 3/30/15)
Characteristics of Office-based Physician Visits, 2018 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Masculinity impediments: Internalized masculinity contributes to healthcare avoidance in men and women (Journal of Health Psychology, 10/7/14)

Equity Language [39:46]

The Moral Case Against Equity Language (The Atlantic, 3/2/23)
A Progressive’s Style Guide (SumOfUs, 2016)
The Sierra Club’s Equity Language Guide (The Sierra Club, 2021)
Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative (Stanford University/Wall Street Journal, 12/20)
Stanford University Backs Away From Its Harmful Language List (Forbes, 1/8/23)
BIPOC or POC? Equity or Equality? The Debate Over Language on the Left. (The New York Times, 11/1/21)
A Guide to Wokespeak (National Review, 12/29/20)
George Packer is kind of right about equity language guides. (Dave Karpf, 2/7/23)
Five professors tell how they were canceled — and why they fought back (New York Post, 4/30/22)
A Letter on Justice and Open Debate (Harper’s Magazine, 8/7/20)
Fight “Cancel Culture” on Campus (Greg Lukianoff and Nico Perrino, 12/16/20)

Voicemails [01:00:25]