Episode 45

Roe v. Wade Updates, FDA Bans Menthols, Section 230, Wearable Heath-Tech

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start with everything that has happened in the week since the draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade leaked to the public. Then they turn to the wearable health tech revolution, the FDA moving to ban menthol cigarettes, the debate over Section 230 reform, Amazon firing union organizers, and the push to do away with the LSAT.


Ravi, Cory, and Rikki begin with a big week of developments since the Roe v. Wade leak. They start with protests and safety concerns around abortion providers, anti-abortion groups, and Supreme Court justices before moving onto the political implications of this potential decision and states’ reactions to looming changes in the law. [1:52]

Ravi walks us through the world of wearable health technology, breaking down the myriad benefits that innovative devices can offer to the general population before unpacking the data privacy concerns that accompany much of this technology for all its potential help. [11:42]

Cory explains why the FDA is moving to ban menthol cigarettes and who that ban would end up affecting: predominantly Black smokers. The hosts debate the role of government in this conversation before Rikki transitions to new regulations on vaping. [21:42]

Rikki lays out why Section 230 is the key foundational law underpinning the modern internet as the hosts dive into the many reform proposals across the political spectrum and debate which make sense and which don’t. [30:34]

We close with a couple of updates: Cory runs through Amazon’s recent firings of union organizers in Staten Island and Ravi explains why he still supports the LSAT despite the American Bar Association calling for schools to stop requiring it. [38:00]

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