Episode 61

Recording Cops, Bodega Stabbing, PGA vs. LIV, Bannon Audio

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki kick the show off with a controversial new law in Arizona limiting the recording of police officers. From there, they jump into the decision to charge a New York bodega worker with murder, despite many contending it’s a clear-cut case of self-defense. The hosts then finish with the drama unfolding between the PGA Tour and its new Saudi-backed rival, LIV, as well as the leaked audio from Steve Bannon concerning Trump’s plans to deny the 2020 election before it happened.


The hosts examine the breadth of the new law on using cell phones to record police in Arizona, the penalties faced by those who break it, and the questions it leaves unanswered. From there, they examine the good and bad faith arguments against that extra layer of accountability.

Rikki explains how a NYC bodega worker came to be charged with murder and the outrage around his case. Ravi and Cory argue why this incident adds to their skepticism of progressive DAs nationwide.

Ravi sifts through the world of professional golf – which he finds scintillating – to lay out the beef between the PGA Tour and a new rival backed by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, LIV. Cory and Rikki note the selective hypocrisy at play and point to larger concerns around the Saudi regime.

Cory contextualizes the newly leaked audio from Steve Bannon as Ravi explains what makes his remarks newsworthy despite their close mirroring of what Trump has already said himself.

Recording Cops (AZ Law) [01:20]

Your Right to Film the Police Is Under Attack (Vice, 03/25)
House Bill 2319 (State of Arizona, 2022)
Arizona’s governor signed a law that limits filming police (NPR, 07/09)
Eric Adams on New AZ Law (Twitter, 03/16)

Bodega Murder vs. Self Defense [11:50]

New Footage Shows Bodega Clerk Trying To Avoid Deadly Fight. Will Manhattan D.A. Drop the Murder Charges? (Reason, 07/11)
Charging a Bodega Worker Who Stabbed His Attacker Isn’t Criminal Justice Reform (Reason, 07/08)
NYC bodega clerk Jose Alba tried to avoid confrontation that led to his arrest, new video reveals (New York Post, 07/09)
Chilling new video shows how NYC bodega worker Jose Alba was apparently stabbed (New York Post, 07/10)

PGA/LIV Drama [23:30]

PGA Tour’s Fight With LIV Golf Reaches Justice Department (The New York Times, 07/11)
What is the LIV Golf series? A deep dive into the PGA’s rival tour (NBC Sports, 06/08)
LIV Golf applies for OWGR points; board meeting in St. Andrews to weigh issue (GolfDigest, 07/13)
The Shark is on the attack again (The Washington Post, 06/05)

Bannon Audio [33:55]

LEAKED AUDIO: Trump planned to falsely claim victory, according to Bannon (Mother Jones YouTube Channel, 07/12)
Leaked Audio: Before Election Day, Bannon Said Trump Planned to Falsely Claim Victory (MotherJones, 07/12)