episode 154

The Limits of Decriminalization, End of Diversity?, Growing Partisanship, AI Criminals

Oregon's controversial initiative to decriminalize the “personal use” of drugs was introduced as an effort to curb overdoses, but there have been unforeseen consequences. Ravi and Rikki dive into the first two years of Measure 110 and what we can learn from it. The backlash against corporate diversity efforts has spiked since SCOTUS’ groundbreaking decision to end affirmative action. As conservative groups challenge corporate America’s policies, the hosts look at the arguments initially used to boost minority representation in the workplace. An eye-opening study from Gallup says the U.S. is more polarized than ever before. Rikki and Ravi discuss the repercussions of these findings and what everyday people can do about it. Finally, cybercriminals have built their own language learning models, adapting tools like ChatGPT and Bard to help them commit crimes. What can we do to stop the rise of bad actors using AI?


The Limits of Decriminalization [00:40]

Scenes From a City That Only Hands Out Tickets for Using Fentanyl (New York Times, 7/31/23)
‘It’s crazy out there’: The reasons behind Oregon’s deepening drug crisis (OPB, 5/30/23)
Did Measure 110 take away ‘rock bottom’? Oregon cops seem to think so (KGW, 6/6/23)
Oregon cities, counties say Measure 110 blew a hole in their budgets (OPB, 2/9/23)
Survey Shows Oregonians Have Dim Outlook on Efficacy of Measure 110 (Wweek, 5/13/23)
Measure 110 forced Oregon to build a new drug addiction services model. Here’s how that’s going (OPB, 6/27/23)
Lost Debate Special | NYC’s Safe Consumption Sites (Lost Debate, 5/8/22)

End of Diversity? [17:35]

The Legal Assault on Corporate Diversity Efforts Has Begun (Wall Street Journal, 8/8/23)
US companies’ diversity efforts are legal, Democratic officials say (Reuters, 7/19/23)
Republican state officials threaten legal action over company diversity policies (Reuters, 7/14/23)
Fortune 100 companies are getting swarmed by Republican AGs using the Supreme Court affirmative action as a lever into the workplace (Fortune, 7/15/23)
Affirmative action ruling puts target on corporate diversity programs (Washington Post, 6/29/23)
Affirmative Action Ruling May Upend Hiring Policies, Too (New York Times, 6/30/23)
Does the US Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action Affect Your Company’s Diversity Initiatives? (Catalyst, 6/29/23)

Growing Partisanship [31:59]

America’s deepest partisan divides are getting deeper (Axios, 8/7/23)
Update: Partisan Gaps Expand Most on Government Power, Climate (Gallup, 8/7/23)
Record number of Americans say they’re politically independent (Axios, 4/17/23)
Partisan Gap Widens on Hot-Button Issues: Gallup Report (National Review, 8/7/23)
Ohio Vote Shows Abortion’s Potency to Reshape Elections (New York Times, 8/9/23)
Gallup: Most Important Problem
U.S. Immigration Views Remain Mixed and Highly Partisan (Gallup, 8/8/22)
Majority Continues to Say U.S. Government Too Powerful (Gallup, 10/19/22)
Partisan Differences Growing on a Number of Issues (Gallup, 8/3/17)
Where Do Americans Stand on Abortion? (Gallup, 7/7/23)
Americans’ Satisfaction With K-12 Education on Low Side (Gallup, 10/1/23)
A Steady Six in 10 Say Global Warming’s Effects Have Begun (Gallup, 4/20/23)
More green investment hasn’t softened red resistance on climate (CNN, 5/2/23)
U.S. Party Preferences Evenly Split in 2022 After Shift to GOP (Gallup, 1/12/23)
What the data says about Americans’ views of climate change (Pew, 9/9/23)

AI Criminals

Criminals Have Created Their Own ChatGPT Clones (Wired, 8/7/23)
WormGPT – The Generative AI Tool Cybercriminals Are Using to Launch Business Email Compromise Attacks (Slash Net, 7/13/23)
What is Worm GPT? The new AI behind the recent wave of cyberattacks (Dazed and Confused, 7/18/23)
How ChatGPT and Other LLMs Work—and Where They Could Go Next (4/30/23)
Meet the Brains Behind the Malware-Friendly AI Chat Service ‘WormGPT’ (Krebson Security, 8/8/23)
Can AI Fix America’s Cybersecurity Woes? The White House Thinks So. (Gizmodo, 8/9/23)
Defense Department launches two-year AI cyber challenge at Black Hat (Axios, 8/9/23)
There’s no reason to panic over WormGPT (Tech Crunch, 8/1/23)
Is ChatGPT’s ‘evil twin’ FraudGPT itself a scam? (Fast Company, 7/28/23)
FraudGPT: The Villain Avatar of ChatGPT (Netenrich, 7/25/23)
FBI warns of broad AI threats facing tech companies and the public (Cyber Scoop, 7/28/23)
Generative AI Projects Pose Major Cybersecurity Risk to Enterprises (Dark Reading, 7/28/23)
FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Secures Voluntary Commitments from Leading Artificial Intelligence Companies to Manage the Risks Posed by AI (White House, 7/21/23)