Episode 78

NYT vs. Hasidic Schools, Brett Favre Fraud, TSA, Lindsey Graham & Abortion

Ravi and Rikki start off with a bombshell report from the New York Times on underperforming Hasidic schools, before turning to Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre and his role in Mississippi’s welfare fraud scandal, renewed debate around the efficacy of the TSA, and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s reversal on who should govern abortion access.


Ravi and Rikki unpack the NYT report on Hasidic Jewish private schools, revealing stark underperformance in basic skills like math and English. They discuss the reaction to the piece and whether accepting public funds necessitates public scrutiny.

The hosts then react to the welfare fraud scandal in Mississippi, involving such figures as former Gov. Phil Bryant and Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, debating how misappropriation like this happens and why the problem goes deeper than this story alone.

Ravi tries to remember a time before the TSA as Rikki presents some troubling data showing their incompetence. Both discuss some more cost-effective and competent alternatives.

Rikki finishes up by discussing Sen. Lindsey Graham’s 180 on the federal government’s role in abortion access, while Ravi tries to make some sense of the political strategy behind the reversal.

NYT Yeshivas Support [01:32]

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Mississippi Fraud [16:03]

Former Gov. Phil Bryant helped Brett Favre secure welfare funding for USM volleyball stadium, texts reveal (Mississippi Today, 9/13)
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Privatize the TSA [25:12]

TSA highlights the top 21 accomplishments in transportation security to close out 2021 (Transportation Security Administration, 1/18)
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Roe v. Wade Updates [36:45]

Graham’s abortion ban stuns Senate GOP (Politico, 9/13/2022)
West Virginia Legislature passes abortion ban with few exceptions (CNN, 9/14/2022)
House Republicans are pushing a bill to undo Biden administration abortion rights guidance to pharmacies nationwide after the Supreme Court’s Roe reversal (Politico, 9/14/2022)
Why Things May Really Be Different for This Midterm Election (New York Times, 9/13)