episode 152

The Most Serious Trump Indictment, Male Gaming Spike, Religious Public Schools?

In one of the most important cases in American history, former President Donald Trump was indicted on Tuesday by Special Counsel Jack Smith in connection with Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Rikki and Ravi talk through the indictment, the strength of the case, and Trump’s best defense. A recent study found young men now play video games more than ever before. What are the repercussions of this post-pandemic spike? Finally, a fight is raging over a new religious charter school in Oklahoma. The hosts unpack the state's thorny first amendment debate and question if this crosses the line between church and state.


The Most Serious Trump Indictment

The Trump Jan. 6 Indictment, Annotated (New York Times, 8/1/23)
The new Trump charges. (Tangle, 8/1/23)
Trump Is Indicted in His Push to Overturn Election (New York Times, 8/1/23)
What Makes Jack Smith’s New Trump Indictment So Smart (New York Times, 8/2/23)
Four Takeaways From the Trump Indictment. (New York Times, 8/1/23)
Indictment of Donald Trump is a ‘terribly tragic day’ and shows speech is now ‘criminalized’: Trump Attorney (Fox News, 8/1/23)
Who is Tanya Chutkan, the judge assigned in Trump’s 2020 election case? (The Hill, 8/1/23)
Another Troubling Trump Indictment (Wall Street Journal, 8/2/23)
Indict, Rally, Repeat: Reactions to Latest Trump Charges Follow Familiar Script (Wall Street Journal, 8/2/23)
2 more Trump indictments loom. Here are all the names to know. (Politico, 8/2/23)
Here are the Trump co-conspirators described in the DOJ indictment (Washington Post, 8/2/23)
Prosecuting Trump is perilous. Ignoring his conduct would be worse. (Washington Post, 8/2/23)
Statement from Trump Campaign (Truth Social, 8/1/23)
Key revelations, groundbreaking strategies and notable omissions in the new Trump indictment (Politico, 8/1/23)

Male Gaming Spike

Young Men Are Gaming More. Are They Working Less? (Bloomberg, 7/7/23)
The health effects of too much gaming (Harvard, 10/22/20)
Gen Z teens see big benefits from video gaming—from social connections to self-expression (Deloitte, 7/13/22)
I Make Video Games. I Won’t Let My Daughters Play Them. (New York Times, 10/2/22)
Video gaming may be associated with better cognitive performance in children (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 10/24/22)
Where Are the Missing Gen Z Workers? (Bloomberg, 3/17/23)
Millennials Spend More Time Playing Video Games Than Gen Z and Teens, New Study Finds (Variety, 4/13/23)
Gen Z gamers are poised to shake up the media and entertainment industries for good (Fortune, 4/19/21)

Religious Public Schools?

Christian Nationalists Can’t Wait for This School in Oklahoma to Open (New York Times, 8/1/23)
Battle Over Nation’s 1st Religious Charter School Heads to Oklahoma Courts (74 Million, 7/31/23)
Oklahoma Has Approved the Nation’s First Religious Charter School. What’s That Mean? (Ed Week, 6/7/23)
Oklahoma parents, faith leaders and education group sue to stop US’s first public religious school (Associated Press, 7/31/23)
A Religious Public Charter School in Oklahoma? Not on Our Watch. (ACLU, 7/31/23)
Lawsuit seeks to block first religious charter school in U.S. (Axios, 7/31/23)