Episode 99

Moore v. Harper, RIP Buzzfeed, Religion in Schools

Ravi and Rikki start with a rundown of Moore v. Harper, the major Supreme Court case poised to shift all manner of election laws. Then the hosts turn to the meteoric rise and precipitous fall of a one-time titan of the internet: BuzzFeed. Finally, we head to Oklahoma, where religiously affiliated charter schools could soon be a major facet of the education landscape.


Ravi makes sense of the latest major case before the Supreme Court, Moore v. Harper, and try to figure out whether all the headlines about upending democracy are as dire as they sound.

Rikki charts the rise and fall of a website that defined an era of the internet: BuzzFeed. Also, she explains who the Try Guys are to Ravi. 

Ravi and Rikki go through a big development for charter schools starting in Oklahoma, where the state is now welcoming religious organizations to join the movement. 

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Moore v. Harper [4:45] 

In high-stakes election case, justices will decide validity of “independent state legislature” theory (SCOTUSblog, 11/6)
Moore v. Harper, Explained (Brennan Center for Justice, 10/26)
The Supreme Court Case That Could Rewrite Democracy (Common Law, 11/3)
The Supreme Court Has a Perfectly Good Option in Its Most Divisive Case (The Atlantic, 10/11)
Moore v. Harper Oral Arguments (C-SPAN, 12/7)
The Partisan Implications of the ISL Theory (Democracy Docket, 8/29)
What’s Really at Stake in a Politically Charged Supreme Court Case on Elections  (ProPublica, 11/30)

BuzzFeed [20:23]

The unbearable lightness of BuzzFeed (The Verge, 11/16)
BuzzFeed Lays Off 12% of Employees (Variety, 12/6)
The rise and (maybe) fall of BuzzFeed News — and larger dreams for digital journalism (Washington Post, 3/23)
After the BuzzFeed Layoffs, Goodbye to an Internet That Was (Frieze, 1/29/2019)
Our Mental Space, Under Attack (1/1/2018)
Does BuzzFeed Know the Secret? (New York Magazine, 4/5/2013)
What Colors Are This Dress? (BuzzFeed, 2/26/2015)

Religious Charter Schools [38:07]

AG: Religious charter schools are legal in Oklahoma (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, 12/1)
Are religious charter schools coming soon? (New York Daily News, 6/27)
‘The next frontier’: Supreme Court case could open door to religious charter schools (Chalkbeat, 2/24)
For better or worse, religiously-affiliated charter schools are on their way (Thomas B. Fordham Institute, 11/5/2020)
Under right-leaning Supreme Court, the church-state wall is crumbling (Washington Post, 7/17)
Court strikes down Maine’s ban on using public funds at religious schools (SCOTUSblog, 6/21)