Episode 49

Monkeypox, Google Antitrust, College Football Spat, Global Food Shortage, Chappelle

In today’s show, Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start us off with a levelheaded advisory on monkeypox. They then move on to some updates on the war in Ukraine and the resulting food shortage, the very public spat between two giants of SEC football on college sports’ new NIL rules, and the new bill making its way through Congress aimed at breaking up Google’s ad business. The hosts then finish with an update on the motivations of Isaiah Lee, the man who tackled Dave Chappelle on stage earlier this month. 


The hosts begin with the new virus on the block: monkeypox. They discuss their own perceptions of what’s going on and debate the media coverage of the virus. 

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki update us on what’s happening in Ukraine, including Russia’s shifting war aims and the extent of American aid to support the Ukrainian military. 

Rikki offers her insight into the food shortages we’re seeing around the world right now as a result of the war in Ukraine, mainly in poorer regions of the world that were already battered by years of pandemic disruptions. Ravi lays out some of the potential solutions out there to bridge the shortfalls.

The hosts discuss the heated feud between SEC legends Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher and how their spat illustrates a sense of chaos around college football’s new NIL rules. They then discuss whether the new rules are working as intended, arguing over how to balance compensation for college athletes against the sport’s competitive balance.

Ravi breaks down the bipartisan legislation aiming to break up Google’s ad business, arguing it has some legitimacy to it. Cory and Rikki push back, arguing that the case against Google is harder to make than it might seem.

Ravi, Rikki, and Cory discuss the professed motivations of the man who attacked Dave Chappelle a few weeks ago, and while they acknowledge violence is never okay, they also take a moment to recognize that comedians are not to be insulated from criticism either.

Monkeypox [1:10]

Monkeypox is spreading around the world. What is the disease and how dangerous is it? (CNBC, 05/20)
Monkeypox outbreak is primarily spreading through sex, WHO officials say (CNBC, 05/23)
About Monkeypox (CDC, 11/23/2021)
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Update: Ukraine [5:48]

Why Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine is key to Russia’s war (The Washington Post, 05/23)
Biden signs $40B Ukraine aid package into law (The Hill, 05/21)
Ukraine rules out any ceasefire deal that involves ceding territory to Russia (The Guardian, 05/22)
Russian soldier jailed for life in first war crimes trial of Ukraine war (Reuters, 05/23)
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Food Shortages [8:11]

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Saban v. Fisher [13:54]

Nick Saban-Jimbo Fisher feud — Coaches, ADs on what happened and what’s next (ESPN, 05/19)
Everything You Need to Know About NIL (Icon Source)
As Coaches Squabble About NIL, Enforcement May Still Be Leagues Away (Sports Illustrated, 05/23)
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Google Anti-Trust [23:26]

The case against Big Tech (Vox, 12/08/2021)
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Update: Chappelle [35:10]

Accused Dave Chappelle attacker Isaiah Lee reveals why he tackled comedian (New York Post, 05/22)
Dave Chappelle attacker Isaiah Lee breaks his silence and reveals he was ‘triggered’ by jokes about the LGBTQ community and homelessness when he tackled comedian on stage (Daily Mail, 05/22)
Tweet about Chappelle’s Joke (Twitter, 05/21)