episode 159

NYC’s Migrant Crisis, Virtual Reality School, Military’s Gen Z Problem

The hosts kick off today’s show with a round-up of the latest immigration updates, from August’s record-high number of border crossings and a new ruling on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s floating border barrier in Rio Grande to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ latest proclamation that the migrant crisis will destroy his city. Should students be able to attend virtual reality schools? Ravi and Rikki take stock of the merits, pitfalls, and politics of this new schooling option in Florida. America’s military faces a recruitment crisis: multiple branches will fall short of their enlistment goals this year, and only 9% of 16- to 21-year-olds say they would consider service. The hosts debate the possible reasons behind this trend and what can be done about it.


Virtual Reality School [15:38]

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Military’s Gen Z Problem [29:00]

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