Episode 52

Legalizing Sex Work, WFH Trends, Buy Now Pay Maybe, School Counselors

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start with a uniquely post-pandemic conversation: what’s the state of the work-from-home revolution? From there, we jump to the rising risks posed by Buy Now, Pay Later apps and a quick update on inflation before moving to the amazingly complex issue of whether to legalize prostitution. The hosts then dive into kids’ declining social skills and what bodes for the future. Finally, Ravi finishes off with another one of his radical ideas.


Ravi takes a moment to acknowledge Musk’s tweet on WFH before offering his own managerial insight into the pros and cons. Rikki jumps in as the resident Gen Z ambassador and elaborates on why her age group is eager to be in the office. Cory offers another perspective, touching on the class divides of the WFH debate.

Cory and Ravi delve into the relatively novel world of Buy Now, Pay Later, discussing how it risks burying young customers in debt. Rikki points out the sad lack of financial literacy in her generation that allows for such an industry to be so successful.

Ravi tackles Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s apology on behalf of the Biden Administration for underestimating the issue of inflation and he and Rikki welcome that earnestness while casting doubt on the plausibility of her explanation.

Rikki and Ravi paint a picture of the horrible conditions facing sex workers and argue legalization, or at least decriminalization, would leave them significantly less vulnerable. Cory pushes back with a differing moral perspective that focuses on the potential societal harms of legalizing prostitution.

The hosts find common ground in their concern for today’s students and how they’ve lost as much socially as they have academically. Ravi, Cory, and Rikki examine some of the factors that have contributed, including school closures, technology, and politicization/polarization.

Ravi unveils another one of his radical ideas that might seem a bit strange at first, but starts trickling down to good sense by the end. 

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Sex Work [18:26]

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Ravi’s Radical Idea [39:15]

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