Episode 39

Kushner & MB$, Brooklyn Shooter, Musk & Twitter, Gun Trade, NYT & Lorenz

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki discuss Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter and the potential changes to the platform if his offer goes through. They then move on to the brazen corruption on display in Kushner’s $2 billion investment from Saudi Arabia, touching on the comparisons to the Hunter Biden allegations, before turning to the terrifying Brooklyn subway shooting, Mexico’s lawsuit against U.S. gun manufacturers, the New York Times’ new social media policy and the extremely online journalism of Taylor Lorenz. The hosts then wrap up with a reaction to Bill Maher’s recent visit to the Joe Rogan podcast.


Ravi explains Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter for a cool $43 billion, arguing Musk holds a lot of the cards in this negotiation. Rikki hopes Musk will follow through on his commitment to make Twitter a bastion of free speech if he can get control of the company. Cory pushes back, arguing there was perfectly good reason for removing some speech – and speakers – from the platform. [01:54]

Cory lays out the $2 billion investment Jared Kushner took Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund just six months out of the White House. Ravi reviews the history of Kushner’s dealings with the Saudi Crown Prince and the brazen corruption of this deal. The hosts then proceed to debate the seeming double standards we’ve seen in the media coverage of Jared Kushner versus Hunter Biden’s laptop. [10:38]

Cory brings us up to speed on the Brooklyn subway shooting investigation before the hosts dive into all the bad takes that followed that terrifying shooting, most of them having to do with the NYPD and its perceived failings. [19:30]

Ravi gives an overview of Mexico’s audacious lawsuit against U.S. gun manufacturers, accusing them of “lethal negligence on a mass scale.” Rikki argues Mexico’s lawsuit is more of a symbolic shot across the bow than a prosecutable legal case. Ravi puts the policy questions aside to address the inherent hypocrisy of the U.S. blaming Mexico for drugs moving north while failing to stem the flow of firearms south. [29:24]

Spurred on by the New York Times’ new social media guidance, the hosts take a look at social media’s outsize role in journalism through the lens of Taylor Lorenz, her history with the Times and other journalists as well as the culture of online harassment. [39:23]

The hosts wrap up by reacting to a clip from Bill Maher’s appearance on Joe Rogan. They discuss how their conversation mirrors some of Lost Debate’s values, signaling what the political discourse could be in lieu of present-day polarization. [49:15]

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(Note: Taylor Lorenz has since deleted her reaction to the New York Times’ new social media policy.)