Episode 36

Hunter’s Laptop, Amazon Union, Biden’s Economy, Louis C.K.

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki begin by introducing the newest members of the Lost Debate team: the Desi Crime Podcast. The hosts then start the show with a slew of overdue media mea culpas over Hunter Biden’s laptop, Amazon getting its first union, Biden’s job numbers vs. his polling numbers, and Louis C.K.’s controversial Grammy win. Ravi wraps up with a listener email on our coverage of Adderall.


Ravi welcomes a new member to the Lost Debate network: The Desi Crime Podcast. (00:27)

Rikki gives us a refresher on Hunter Biden’s laptop, what he’s accused of, and the left-leaning media’s failure to cover it adequately at the time, only now coming around to the authenticity of bombshell reports from October 2020. Cory and Ravi argue those failures reaffirm the public’s waning trust in mainstream media outlets. (01:59)

Cory brings us through the historic union win for Amazon workers in Staten Island while Ravi draws parallels between that vote and the unionization push we’re seeing among Starbucks employees. Rikki gets into how these corporations have sought to quell union efforts in the past and argues recent setbacks could make them more aggressive in the years to come. (12:17)

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki examine a few possible explanations as to why although the Biden administration has stabilized employment numbers, this fact doesn’t reflect in the approval ratings. Ravi also highlights an interesting trend in labor participation rates and the reason behind it. (21:31)

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki look at a few possible explanations for why Biden’s poll numbers don’t reflect his job numbers. Ravi then highlights how America’s labor force participation rate has been sliding for decades now, well before COVID disruptions. 

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki use Louis C.K’s recent Grammy win – and a few other choice celebrities – to shine a light on the public’s hypocrisy when it picks and chooses who’s canceled and who isn’t. Rikki also refutes the idea that C.K’s win disproves cancel culture writ large. (29:04)

Ravi wraps up with a listener email regarding our Adderall coverage and ADHD. (37:37)

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