episode 164

GOP Debate, SF U-Turn, Who is Chris Rufo?

The GOP presidential candidates took to the debate stage for a second time last night. Were any of them able to escape former president Donald Trump’s shadow? Rikki and Ravi sort through the substance of the discussion and take stock of the night’s winners and losers. San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a new proposal to combat the city’s fentanyl epidemic: mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients. Why is the Democratic mayor, who’s running for reelection next year, taking a step to the right? Finally, Ravi and Rikki sit down with FIRE’s Nico Perrino to discuss the flaws of the work of Chris Rufo, one of the leading conservative voices on education.


GOP Debate [00:43]

Fox slashes ad prices for second debate as primary turns into ‘snoozer’ (Semafor, 9/27/23)
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Trump bets big on Michigan with rally on GOP debate night as UAW strike continues (NPR, 9/27/23)
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SF U-Turn [15:33]

San Francisco Mayor Calls for Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients (National Review, 9/27/23)
A seismic shift to the right in San Francisco (Politico, 9/27/23)
San Francisco Mayor London Breed announces cuts to police in new city budget (ABC 7, 7/31/20)

Who Is Chris Rufo? [29:00]

Right-Wing Activist Christopher Rufo Became the One Thing He Claims to Hate (The Daily Beast, 9/23/23)
What Happens When a Carnival Barker Writes Intellectual History (The Atlantic, 8/4/23)
Chris Rufo’s dangerous fictions (VOX, 9/10/23)
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