episode 156

GOP Debate, Childcare Crisis, Ronan Farrow on Musk

With front-runner Donald Trump skipping the first 2024 Republican presidential primary debate, eight candidates brawled for second-place status last night. Did we learn anything new? There is a childcare crisis in America. And, billions in federal subsidies for childcare providers are set to run out September 30th, leading to some calling it a “childcare cliff.” Ronan Farrow just published an eye-opening article on Elon Musk in The New Yorker, alleging an alarming portrait of Musk’s considerable sway over the U.S. government.


GOP Debate [00:28]

Ramaswamy Seizes Spotlight as DeSantis Hangs Back: 7 Debate Takeaways (New York Times, 8/24/23)
Who Won the Debate? Political Observers Weigh In. (New York Times, 8/24/23)
Pundits name their winners and losers from GOP debate (Fox News, 8/23/23)
First Republican debate: The biggest loser and the biggest winner (Fox News, 8/24/23)
Who won, who lost and who fizzled in the first Republican debate (Politico, 8/24/23)
Post-debate poll shows Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis winning (Florida Politics, 8/24/23)
The First Republican Debate (New York Times, 8/24/23)

Childcare Crisis [27:58]

Why Child-Care Prices Are Rising at Nearly Twice the Overall Inflation Rate (Wall Street Journal, 8/17/23)
America Is About to Fall Off a Child Care Cliff (Bloomberg, 8/14/23)
Child Care Hasn’t Recovered From Covid, Keeping Many Parents at Home (Wall Street Journal, 2/6/23)
Pricey Child Care Is Keeping Many Parents Out of the Workforce (Wall Street Journal, 3/18/23)
It Now Costs $300,000 to Raise a Child (Wall Street Journal, 8/19/23)
FACT SHEET: American Rescue Plan Funds Provided a Critical Lifeline to 200,000 Child Care Providers – Helping Millions of Families to Work (White House, 10/21/22)
Congress Ended Pandemic Cash for Parents, but Some States  Have Embraced the Idea (New York Times, 7/15/23)
The most expensive cities for childcare (Insider, 5/31/23)
600 SC child care centers expected to close when American Rescue Plan funding ends in September (WLTX, 8/23/23)
1,700 NC child care centers expected to close, 155K kids impacted when American Rescue Plan funding ends in September (WRAL, 7/7/23)
Child Care Cliff: 3.2 Million Children Likely to Lose Spots with End of Federal Funds (Century Foundation, 7/21/23)
Americans Agree: Child Care Should Be More Affordable and Available (Century Foundation, 7/21/23)
Biden administration proposes making child care more affordable for working families (CNN, 7/11/23)
The End Child Poverty Act Would Dramatically Reduce Poverty (People’s Policy Project, 8/10/23)
Kaine, Murray, Scott Reintroduce Child Care for Working Families Act to Tackle Child Care Crisis and Get Families the Child Care & Pre-K They Need (Senator Tim Kaine, 4/27/23)
Democrats and Republicans agree child care is in crisis. Why can’t they get a bill passed? (The 19th News, 2/14/23)
Republicans and Democrats Agree Child Care Needs Help. Here’s How They Differ. (New York Times, 4/8/22)
Scott, Burr Introduce Bill to Expand Families’ Child Care Options, Build on Existing, Bipartisan Program (Senator Tim Scott, 3/22/23)
Congressman Carbajal unveils new bipartisan child care assistance bill on Monday (KEYT, 8/14/23)

Ronan Farrow on Musk [39:17]

Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule (New Yorker, 8/21/23)
Elon Musk spoke with Vladimir Putin directly, Pentagon official says (Independent, 8/22/23)
Elon Musk considered pulling plug on Ukraine’s Starlink access after ‘great conversation with Putin’ (Telegraph, 8/21/23)
Elon Musk’s Unmatched Power in the Stars (New York Times, 7/28/23)
Elon Musk seemed to have ‘bought what Putin was selling, hook, line, and sinker,’ fellow PayPal mafia member says (Insider, 8/21/23)
Elon Musk Fans Horrified as He Suggests Ukraine Give in to Putin’s Demands (Futurism, 10/3/22)
Elon Musk’s peace plan for Ukraine draws condemnation from Zelenskyy (NPR, 10/4/22)
Elon Musk’s Ukraine ‘Peace Plan’ Is Asinine (The Daily Beast, 10/25/22)
Magic Mushrooms. LSD. Ketamine. The Drugs That Power Silicon Valley. (Wall Street Journal, 6/27/23)