Episode 34

Ginni Thomas Texts, End of Meat, Biden’s Putin Gaffe, Oscars Slap

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start on Ginni Thomas’ conspiratorial texts before discussing Bill Gates’ proposal for rich nations to start eating meatless, Biden’s “regime change” gaffe, and the slap heard ‘round the world at the Oscars. 


Rikki goes through Ginni Thomas’ background in political activism and how it relates to the recently leaked texts between her and Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, around the 2020 election. [1:08]

Ravi argues that Clarence Thomas must recuse himself from any future cases dealing with January 6 and potentially Trump altogether. 

Cory turns to Bill Gates’ 100% synthetic meat proposal, which both Ravi and Rikki argue has merit, messenger aside. Ravi goes through the environmental impact of the meat industry and why it makes good policy sense to transition away from animals as a primary source of calories. Rikki focuses on the industry’s many ethical failings, arguing there is no cogent justification for simply ignoring how animals land on our plates. [8:06]

Cory moves on to Biden’s foreign policy gaffe suggesting regime change in Russia. We discuss why his blunder deserves all the criticism it’s getting, while also noting that – for the time being – it hasn’t derailed the tenuous progress toward peace in Ukraine. [17:34]

We wrap things up by jumping into the slap heard ‘round the world at Sunday’s Oscars, unpacking the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident and why our culture gravitates to these moments. [23:47]

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