episode 144

Modi in America, SCOTUS Scandal, Failing Students, Food Police

Justice Alito is the recent focus of SCOTUS ethics scandals. Is it finally time for reform? India's Prime Minister Modi is in America for a much-hyped state visit with President Biden. We dive in on who is Nerendu Modi, and how he came to power. And, American’s misconceptions of the leader of the world's largest democracy. Alarming new national data shows math and reading scores for 13-year-olds are the lowest in a decade. How did we get here? And, what should we do about it? Some lawmakers want to stop Americans from using benefits to buy junk food, but opponents argue Congress shouldn’t police people's diets. Rikki and Ravi debate how far should the government go.


SCOTUS Scandal [03:16]

Justice Alito Defends Private Jet Travel to Luxury Fishing Trip (New York Times, 6/21/23)

Covid Origins

The Government Must Say What It Knows About Covid’s Origins (New York Times, 6/21/23)

Modi in America [14:34]

How do you befriend America, Russia and China at the same time? Ask India (Economist, 6/21/23)
India’s diaspora is bigger and more influential than any in history (Economist, 6/12/23)
Joe Biden and Narendra Modi are drawing their countries closer (Economist, 6/15/23)
In Hosting Modi, Biden Pushes Democracy Concerns to the Background (New York Times, 6/21/23)
Narendra Modi is the world’s most popular leader (Economist, 6/15/23)
Why Is Narendra Modi So Popular? Tune In to Find Out. (New York Times. 6/21/23)
Indian Dissidents Have Had It With America Praising Modi (Atlantic, 6/21/23)
America’s lavish red carpet for Modi (Financial Times, 6/21/23)
Biden Plans Lavish Formal Welcome for Modi as He Seeks to Bolster Ties (New York Times, 6/22/23)
What to Know About Modi’s Visit and U.S.-India Relations (New York Times, 6/22/23)
Hindu Nationalism’s Alarming Rise in the US Goes Beyond Texas (The Nation, 9/15/22)

The Price of Making Friends With Modi (New York Times, 6/22/23)

Failing Students [35:31]

NAEP Scores ‘Flashing Red’ AFinancial Timeser a Lost Generation of Learning for 13-Year-Olds (The 74, 6/21/23)
The “nation’s report card” just came out. Scores dropping since 2020. But actually, 40 years of progress reversed in…. 2012, like so much else. (Hadit Twitter, 6/21/23)
Get Phones Out of Schools Now (The Atlantic, 6/6/23)
Statement from U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on Recent Long-Term Trend
Assessment for 13-Year-Olds
(US Department of Education, 6/21/23)
Mississippi Students Surged in Reading Over the Last Decade. Here’s How Schools Got
Them There
(Education Week, 6/19/23)

Food Police [50:26]

Are Lawmakers Seeking Healthy Limits on Junk Food or Acting as Food Police? (Wall Street Journal, 6/20/23)
Food Stamp Program in Political Crosshairs as Pandemic-Era Changes End (Wall Street Journal, 2/19/23)
Debt-Ceiling Deal Raises Age of Americans Who Must Work for Food Aid (Wall Street Journal, 5/31/23)
Healthy Food Financing Initiative (USDA)
Obesity Facts
The First Lady Introduces Let’s Move (Michelle Obama, 2/13/13)
How Michelle Obama quietly changed what Americans eat (VOX, 10/3/16)
More States Show Prevalence of Obesity, CDC Finds (Wall Street Journal, 9/15/21)
The end of vice (Axios, 10/2/21)
Obesity prevention: the role of policies, laws and regulations (Aust New Zealand Health Policy. 5/12/08)
Medicare Doesn’t Pay For Obesity Drugs (Forbes, 3/1/23)
37.3 Million Americans have Diabetes: When will Congress Act? (Roll Call, 10/20/22)
A new study offers hints that healthier school lunches may help reduce obesity (National Public Radio, 2/15/23)
Unhealthy food advertising decreased by 64% in Chile aFinancial Timeser policy change (6/12/23)