episode 143

AI Detection, Hunter Biden Guilty Plea, Teen Depression, Homeless Debate

In breaking news, Hunter Biden pleads guilty to federal tax charges, and strikes deal on a gun charge. Ravi and Rikki, debate what happens now to the public conversation on investigations into the Biden family. A new study by the Wall Street Journal on homelessness across the country shows a sharper increase in recent years, especially in urban areas. What caused this spike? And, is “Housing First”, the historically bipartisan policy, the new battleground for the right and left divide? The hosts talk through Rikki’s New York Post’s front page article on skyrocketing feelings of hopelessness and depression among teens. And finally, Ravi speaks to Edward Tian, the 22-year-old recent Princeton graduate who built GPTZero the premier AI detection software. They discuss the future of the tool, from college essays to the evolution of AI in journalism and everything else.


Teen Depression [08:14]

Number of teens who ‘don’t enjoy life’ has doubled with social media (New York Post, 6/19/23)
Social Media Making Kids Depressed? Send Them Outside To Play (Reason, 2/24/23)
APA chief scientist outlines potential harms, benefits of social media for kids (APA, 2/14/23)
Constantly Connected: How Media Use Can Affect Your Child (Healthy Children, 5/30/23)
Surgeon General Issues New Advisory About Effects Social Media Use Has on Youth Mental Health (HHS.Gov, 5/23/23)
Negative impact of social media affects girls and boys at different ages – study (Oxford University, 3/28/22)
Surgeon General Issues Advisory Over Harmful Effects of Social Media on Kids (CNET, 5/23/23)
Social Media Can Harm Kids. Could New Regulations Help? (Scientific American, 5/26/23)

Homeless Debate [20:51] 

Homeless Numbers Rise in U.S. Cities (Wall Street Journal, 6/19/23)
582,462 and Counting (New York Times, 2/3/23)
Basic Facts About Homelessness: New York City (Coalition For The Homeless, 1/2/23)
6 U.S. Cities With the Highest Homeless Population (Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen, 2/24/23)
Housing Markets First: Housing Supply and Affordability Are Key to Reducing Homelessness (CATO, 5/8/23)
Why mental health and social services are as crucial as physical shelter to address the homelessness crisis (Business Insider, 11/27/21)
Why We Can’t Talk About Homelessness (Pitchfork Economics, 11/23/23)
Federal Policy on Homelessness Becomes New Target of the Right (New York Times, 6/20/23)
The Regressives Ep. 12 | How We Solve Housing and Homelessness (Regressives, 2/12/23)
Ep 92 | Senate Forecast, Student Homelessness, Nevada Midterms (Lost Debate, 11/22/22)
Ep 31 | Homeless Crisis, Tulsi “Treason,” Teen Vaping, Zucker’s CNN Exit (Lost Debate, 3/22/22)

AI Detection [39:28]

Who is Edward Tian? He wants to keep his GPTZero app free for users to take on ChatGPT (Yahoo, 1/12/23)
ChatGPT: Student builds app to sniff out AI-written essays (BBC, 1/13/23)
This 22-year-old is trying to save us from ChatGPT before it changes writing forever (NPR, 1/17/23)
Is GPTZero a Game Changer for AI Recognition? A Review (Gold Penguin, 6/4/23)
GPTZero creator: ChatGPT concerns sat with the ‘immediate need in education,’ responsible adoption (Yahoo, 1/23/23)
Edward Tian Tweet (Twitter, 6/9/23)