Episode 139

Apple’s Big Move, Vasectomy Boom, Future of Food, Murder Mystery

Apple announced its first major product since 2014: the Vision Pro headset. The company has officially entered the augmented and virtual reality race, and time will tell if customers follow. More men are getting vasectomies post-Dobbs. Is this an evolution of how Americans view birth control? Ravi and Rikki then turn to two contradictory trends: the rise of both meat consumption and vegetarianism. Finally, more people are getting away with murder than ever before. Why are so many recent killings unsolved, and what should we do about it?


Apple’s Big Move [00:44]

Apple Releases Vision Pro Headset, First Major New Product in a Decade (WSJ, 6/5/23)
Everything we know about Apple’s Vision Pro headset (Verge, 6/5/23)
Marques Brownlee: Apple Vision Pro Impressions! (YouTube, 6/6/23)
Why Apple’s VR headset could succeed where every similar product has failed (CNBC, 6/1/23)
Apple’s Vision Pro VR headset is company’s first new landmark product since 2014 (Yahoo, 6/5/23)
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Crowd booing when price point is released (TikTok, 6/5/23)
Eye tracking is closest thing to magic (TikTok, 6/5/23)
Tim Cook’s Intro to Vision Pro at Launch (YouTube, 6/5/23)

Vasectomy Boom [14:28]

Vasectomies rose by 29% in the three months after the end of Roe (Economist, 5/25/23)
Permanent Contraception and Restrictive Abortion Laws: Trends in Vasectomies After the
Overturn of Roe v. Wade
(Komodo, 4/6/23)
Vasectomy (Mayo Clinic, 2/9/23)
Fewer abortions, more vasectomies: Why the procedure may be getting more popular (NPR, 12/20/22)
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‘We’re maxed out’ | Houston clinic performing 15 vasectomies every day (KHOU 11, 7/14/22)
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March Madness brings an increase in vasectomies (CBS, 3/27/23)
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You Know What, Maybe They Shouldn’t Repopulate (YouTube, 8/20/22)

Future of Food [25:05]

The Meat Paradox (The Atlantic, 5/24/23)
Here’s how attitudes to vegetarianism are changing around the world (WEC, 11/8/22)
The Rise (or Fall?) of Vegetarianism (Statista, 10/28/22)
Vegetarianism is on the rise — especially the part-time kind (The Hill, 11/23/22)
They’re Vegetarian, But Only When They’re Home (Bon Appetit, 1/4/23)
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Jordan Peterson on the cure all carnivore diet (Lex Fridman, 8/21/22)
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FT on Is the world reaching ‘peak meat’? (Financial Times, 11/25/20)
Industrial meat production in developing countries (Center for a Livable Future, 6/5/16) 

Murder Mystery [36:08] 

Why Are the Police So Bad at Solving Murders? (Plain English, 7/22)
The Murder Rate Is Suddenly Falling (The Atlantic, 6/5/23)
‘Clearance rates are essential’ according to LMPD Police Chief (WHAS11, 3/22/22)
Reporter questions Black Officer on racial inequities in clearance rate (CBS, 6/30/22)
More people are getting away with murder. Unsolved killings reach a record high (NPR, 4/30/23)
Homicides Chicago Data Portal (City of Chicago)
Murders of Black Women Rose During the Pandemic. The Solving of their Cases Fell. (WSJ, 12/31/22)
US murderers stand a 50% chance of getting away with it, new report finds (NY Post, 2/28/23)
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A “coin flip”: Nearly half of U.S. murders go unsolved as cases rise (CBS, 6/29/22)