Episode 138

End of No-Fault Divorce?, Debt Ceiling Deal, Jordan Neely’s Death 

The House passed the debt ceiling deal. Now that they’ve broken the gridlock, the deal will head to the Senate and then Biden’s desk. Ravi and Rikki break down the winners and the losers, and what this says about our fraught political process. A growing number of conservatives want to revisit no-fault divorce laws in this country. How serious is this effort and could it change marriage as we know it? Daniel Penny choked Jordan Neely to death on a New York City subway train on May 1. The heated debate over what happened continues to flame the culture wars. What actually happened and what meaning can we make from it all?


Debt Ceiling Deal [00:44]

The Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal (Tangle, 5/30/23)
House Passes Debt Limit Bill in Bipartisan Vote to Avert Default (NYT, 5/31/23)
Senate braces for last-minute conservative demands on debt deal (Politico, 5/30/23)
Debt-Ceiling Deal Reinstates Student-Loan Payments (WSJ, 5/31/23)
Debt-Ceiling Deal Raises Age of Americans Who Must Work for Food Aid (WSJ, 5/31/23)
See Who Voted For and Against Raising the Debt Limit (NYT, 5/31/23)
Debt ceiling deal clears first hurdle in GOP-led House (MSNBC, 5/31/23)
Eric Cantor on debt ceiling deal: It’s all about how your constituents view your vote (CNBC, 2023)
Hannity: Here’s what you need to know about the debt ceiling deal (Fox, 5/31/23)
US House of Representatives holds final vote of debt ceiling bill FULL COVERAGE (Guardian, 2023)
Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, discusses the House passing the debt ceiling deal, arguing ‘we got a good bill.’ (Fox, 6/1/23)
Biden praises debt ceiling bill passage as a ‘bipartisan compromise’ (NBC, 6/1/23)
WATCH: ‘This is fabulous,’ House Speaker McCarthy says in aftermath of debt ceiling deal (PBS, 5/31/23)
Debt ceiling deal passes House vote, advances to Senate (CBS, 6/1/23)
Gaetz Threatens To Remove McCarthy As Speaker If He Passes Debt Ceiling Bill With Democrats (TYT, 5/31/23)
Republicans divided as House passes debt ceiling bill (Fox, 6/1/23)

The End of No-Fault Divorce? [09:37]

Republicans Wage WAR On No-Fault Divorce (Secular Talk, 5/10/23)
No Fault Divorce | Katy Faust (John Anderson, 4/3/23)
Steven Crowder yelling at his 8 month Pregnant wife. caught on video! (YouTube, 4/27/23)
Hot Take on No-Fault Divorces (Ben Shapiro, 1/21/23)
The Next Front in the GOP’s War on Women: No-Fault Divorce (Rolling Stone, 5/2/23)
The Right’s Assault on Divorce Will Put More Women at Risk (Vanity Fair, 5/10/23)
The right’s move against no-fault divorce is an attack on women (CNN, 5/18/23)
The Evolution of Divorce (National Affairs, 2009)

Jordan Neely’s Death [28:06]

Jordan Neely Was Already Dead New York reckons with a homeless epidemic and a killing (Intelligencer, 5/6/23)
The Daniel Penny charges. (Tangle, 5/16/23)
Jordan Neely’s death. (Tangle, 5/8/23)
Daniel Penny says he felt no shame after the NYC subway death of Jordan Neely (NPR, 5/21/23)
What We Know About Jordan Neely’s Killing (NYT, 5/5/23)
The False Jordan Neely Narrative (National Review, 5/10/23)
The System That Failed Jordan Neely (New Yorker, 5/10/23)
They Watched Jordan Neely Die. Did They Have a Duty to Intervene? (NYT, 5/17/23)
A Killing on the F Train (NYT, 5/9/23)Jordan Neely’s Killer Insists He Isn’t Racist: Live Updates (Intelligencer, 5/21/23)
Daniel Penny, charged in Jordan Neely death, breaks silence: ‘I am not a white supremacist’ (NY Post, 5/20/23)
Reparations & Jordan Neely | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter (The Glenn Show, 5/26/23)
Daniel Penny Says Racist Allegations Are ‘Comical’ Following Jordan Neely Slaying (Breakfast Club, 5/23/23)
Don’t Talk to Me About Jordan Neely, Progressives (National Review, 5/23/23)
Ron DeSantis Calls Jordan Neely’s Killer a Hero! (Unbossed with Nina Turner, 5/20/23)
In a Speech, Mayor Adams Says Jordan Neely’s ‘Life Mattered’ (NYT, 5/10/23)
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Links from previous research

New York City to Involuntarily Remove Mentally Ill People From Streets (NYT, 11/29/22)
Amid homeless crisis, New York to step up forced hospitalization of mentally ill (Reuters, 12/1/22)
How the forced hospitalization of ‘mentally ill’ people in need will work in NYC (ABC, 11/30/22)
A Snapshot of Homelessness Policies Around the U.S. and the World (NYT, 11/30/22)

The official directive from NYC Mayor Eric Adams (5 pages) (Mental Health Involuntary Removals, 11/28/22)
Liberal US cities change course, now clearing homeless camps (AP, 3/12/23)
A THIRD of NYC’s retail theft is driven by just 327 seasoned shoplifters — professional crooks ransack pharmacies and department stores and resell on eBay (Daily Mail, 4/17/23)
Is there really a shoplifting ‘epidemic?’ (Poynter, 3/3/23)
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Stores say shoplifting is a national crisis. The numbers don’t back it up (CNN, 1/18/23)
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