Episode 134

Title 42 Ends, Khan Academy’s New AI Tool, House Prices Falling

Ravi and Rikki kick off today’s episode by talking about Rep. George Santos facing federal fraud charges on the same day that Trump was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation. Then they take a deep dive into the end of Title 42, the controversial pandemic-era immigration measure. Will this lead to a massive influx of migrants, and what, if anything, can the Biden administration do? The hosts then turn to the debate surrounding Khanmigo, Khan Academy’s new AI technology that some believe could disrupt the traditional teaching model and change how students will learn in the future. Finally, housing prices are dropping in more places in America than at any time in recent memory, but it’s confined to a few key geographies. Ravi and Rikki discuss the reasons behind it, the winners and losers of this new housing market, and what the government can do to support current and aspiring homeowners.


Title 42 Ends [06:20]

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Khan Academy’s New AI Tool [30:01]

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Home Prices Falling [49:22]

The Home Buyer’s Quandary: Nobody’s Selling (Wall Street Journal, 5/10/23)
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