episode 157

Defund the DOE, Tennessee vs. Tennesseans on Guns, Listener Mailbag

Four GOP candidates pledged to abolish the U.S. Department of Education during last week’s presidential primary debate. Rikki and Ravi debate the candidate’s arguments, the current state of the department, and the future of the federal government’s role in K-12 education. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee convened a special legislative session on public safety after a school shooter killed six people in Nashville this spring. Most Tennesseans support increased gun regulation, but the seven-day session ended this week without any major policy changes. What does this say about the country’s ability to move bipartisan issues forward? Finally, the hosts respond to recent audience voicemails about childcare, sex education, and Oregon’s opioid policies. Want to be part of the next mailbag roundup? Leave a voicemail for Rikki and Ravi at 321-200-0570.


Defund the DOE [00:48]

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Tennessee vs. Tennesseans on Guns [26:43]

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