Episode 63

Climate Change, Military Recruiting, U$D in Europe, AZ Teachers

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start us off with the heatwaves all over the world and Biden’s executive orders to combat climate change. They then move on to a new law in Arizona to address the teacher shortage before tackling the University of Austin and its “anti-woke” curriculum, as well as what’s causing decades-low recruitment numbers for the U.S. military. From there, the hosts discuss the bipartisan Electoral Count Act reform bill moving through Congress right now and the dramatic increase in American tourism we’re seeing in Europe right now, driven by USD-Euro parity. 


Rikki and Ravi start with the frightening numbers reflecting the pace of climate change around the globe, including deadly heatwaves and massive jumps in temperature. Cory then runs down the executive actions that Biden has left to combat these issues after legislation stalled again while Ravi compares and contrasts their significance and impact.

The hosts discuss the specifics of the new bill out of Arizona that allows teachers still enrolled in a bachelor’s program to teach classes and argue whether it’s a common sense measure. 

The hosts discuss the University of Austin’s “anti-woke” curriculum as compared to echo chamber campuses around the country and the state of higher education.

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki discuss the phenomenally low recruitment numbers affecting the military and what’s behind it, from a decrease in patriotism to a giant chunk of young people being ineligible. They then discuss Top Gun: Maverick and whether it can save America.

Ravi runs down the Electoral Count Act reform that’s gaining bipartisan support in Congress right now, and how it directly responds to January 6. 

Ravi uses the lens of American tourism in Europe to examine historic parity between the USD and the Euro. Then the hosts examine what it means to the economy, both domestic and global. 

Ravi pitches his surprisingly pragmatic radical idea.

WH x Climate [1:11]

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No Bachelor’s Degree for Teachers? [14:00]

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Univ. of Austin [21:01]

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Military Enlistment [27:19]

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Electoral Count Act Reform [37:25]

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American$$$ in Eurozone [39:30]

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Ravi’s Radical Idea [45:20]