Episode 125

Chicago Mayoral Race, School Lunches, Tattoos

Ravi, Rikki, and Joe start by diving into a tight race in Chicago to decide who will be the city’s next mayor, Paul Vallas or Brandon Johnson, after a historic loss by incumbent Lori Lightfoot. Then we head north to Minnesota, where a new bill to universalize free school meals is reigniting a national debate about student hunger and nutrition. Finally, we welcome LD researcher Aryaan on the show to talk tats: the emerging health conversation, their social capital, and the extent to which a once-countercultural signifier has gone mainstream.


Chicago Mayoral Race [1:40]

Nearly half of Chicago voters tapped a loser. Now they can sway the mayor’s race. (Politico, 3/7/23)
Chicago’s messy, caustic mayor’s contest has Democrats feuding over crime (Politico, 2/8/23)
The Chicago mayor’s race shows Democrats still have a crime problem (Vox, 3/1/23)
Chicago’s mayoral run-off will test the Democrats’ left and right (The Economist, 3/1/23)
Chicago’s public schools are emptying. Politics makes it hard to fix (The Economist, 3/16/23)
Chicago schools face falling revenue, increased needs (Chalkbeat, 3/22/23)
Johnson or Vallas: Chicago’s Next Mayor Will Oversee CPS During Transformative Period (WTTW, 3/23/23)
Crime Tops Chicago Voters’ List of Issues in Mayoral Race, Poll Shows (NBC 5 Chicago, 2/10/23)
Chicago mayor’s race dominated by concerns about city crime (AP, 2/25/23)
In Chicago, High Crime Leads to a Mayor’s Downfall (Bloomberg, 3/2/23)
Chicago Decides: Where Brandon Johnson, Paul Vallas differ on public safety (CBS, 3/13/23)
Chicago’s mayor limits interviews to reporters of color. Now they’re caught in the middle. (Washington Post, 5/21/21)
Teachers strike is over, but Lightfoot faces political fallout (Chicago Sun Times, 10/13/19)
Chicago Students Will Return To School Wednesday Under Deal Approved By Teachers Union Leadership (Block Club Chicago, 1/10/22)
EXPLAINER: Why are Chicago schools, teachers union fighting? (AP, 1/11/22)
Vallas, Johnson face off on policing, education, taxes, more in debate (ABC 7 Chicago, 3/9/23)
NY, Chicago, LA: Power Plays by the Nation’s 3 Largest Teachers Union Locals (The74, 3/16/23)
Chicago’s messy, caustic mayor’s contest has Democrats feuding over crime (Politico, 2/8/23)

School Lunches [20:47]

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz Signs Universal Free School Meals Into Law (The 74, 3/22/23)
Hunger advocates want free school meals for all kids. It’s tough sell in Congress (NPR, 9/7/22)
The Road Ahead: Building Back Better With School Meals (Food and Nutrition Service, 2/23)
What the Average School Lunch Costs in Your State (ATTN, 3/19/16)
Why Are U.S. Presidents So Obsessed With Ketchup? (Eater, 6/22/23)
Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs; Final Rule (Department of Agriculture, 1/26/12)
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School Meals are Healthy Meals (School Nutrition Association)
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Pros and Cons of Free Lunch Programs (Noah Webster Educational Foundation, 11/22/21)
The National School Lunch Program Is Broken (Niskanen Center, 12/7/16)
Meet the 2021 FM Top 50 contract management companies, including Compass, Aramark and Sodexo (Food Management, 4/21/21)
The Top 50’s nine largest K-12 market operators (Food Management, 3/29/22)
Is California’s free K-12 meals program working? Sacramento parents, schools call it lifeline (The Sacramento Bee, 3/1/23)
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Obama-era school nutrition policy led to better diets for students but faces changes (University of Washington School of Public Health, 6/28/20)
Biden inches back toward Michelle Obama’s school nutrition standards (Politico, 2/4/22)

Tattoos and the Immune System [41:28]

Tattoos Do Odd Things to the Immune System (The Atlantic, 3/22/23)
Tat will tell: Tattoos and time preferences (Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2019)
Tattoo Statistics and Interesting Facts (Saved Tattoo, 1/9/23)
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