Episode 25

Chappelle & Affordable Housing, Bitcoin Heist, Dying Democracy, CRT Fight

In today’s show, the hosts discusses the recent controversy around Dave Chappelle and his alleged opposition to affordable housing, the troubling decline in democracy around the world and the possible reasons behind it, transparency in teaching critical race theory in our schools, and the arrest of two hackers who have been accused of conspiring to launder over four billion dollars in Bitcoin.


Background of the Chappelle controversy and the initial social media reaction… [00:42]
Chappelle Council Meeting Clip

Ravi speaks on how indicative the reactions and headlines surrounding this story is of the current media climate. [02:45]

Rikki talks about people’s tendency to react according to their pre-existing biases whenever it comes to a public figure and the importance of research before introducing the second Chappelle clip and expanding on it. [03:38]

Ravi explains his take on Chappelle’s reasoning and Cory explains the plan Chappelle is adverse to using a graphic as a reference point, as well as touches on how the cherry-picking of facts is prevalent in a lot of the criticisms we’re seeing. [06:02]

Ravi explains the greater and more nuanced message about affordable housing development behind the outrage of this story. [09:10]

Democracy index shows that democracy is on the decline worldwide and possible reasons why… [10:50]

Rikki explains the metrics used to measure democracy and posits a few reasons as to why citizens in the US no longer trust in their government. [11:27]

Ravi talks about the breakdown in civil political discussion and increase in polarization while also sharing some troubling stats about those serving in India’s democracy. [13:47]

Cory and Ravi discuss how the strongest democracies are slipping in their democratic scores while China is only ascending in power while trashing the west and highlighting its failures through cherry-picking and heavy censorship. [17:00]

Ravi and Rikki propose a few solutions, such as institutions and education, so that people can regain their trust in their government. [19:12]

Recap of CRT, some legislature passed to combat it, and how decisive it is in today’s political climate… [22:06]

Ravi gives a bit of background on the phases of CRT and Rufo’s plan to push forth transparency for CRT in order to catch Dems in a gotcha moment. [22:35]

Rikki and Ravi discuss ridiculous examples of “CRT” and the need for transparency because of these examples. [24:47]

The hosts discuss the pros and cons about transparency, how it can be taken too far, and they debate whether certain aspects of CRT is valid in its criticism of certain fundamental beliefs that drive our educational system. [28:03]

Background on the great Bitcoin heist and the current escapades of the perpetrators… [36:21]

Ravi discusses how Bitcoin isn’t being used nearly as much in criminal activity as some believe and how there needs to be more regulation, as well as how this situation is a big indicator that there needs to be bail reform. [37:50]

Rikki elaborates on how what’s right might not line up with what’s legal in some cases of use, and how there’s justification there. [41:11]

Ravi gives some examples of some reasonable cases of using Bitcoin to circumvent the law. [43:04]

Ravi airs a critique of Breaking Points’ fixation on Joe Rogan. [45:14]

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