Episode 108

Beating Cancer, Podcast Boom/Bust, Florida Education Bills

Ravi and Rikki begin with some hopeful new data in America’s push to eliminate cancer, while acknowledging how far we’ve yet to go. The hosts then take a long hard look in the mirror, reacting to a slowdown in the explosive growth of podcasting. Finally, Ravi and Rikki revisit two pieces of highly controversial legislation affecting classrooms in the Sunshine State: the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill and the Stop W.O.K.E. Act.


New Cancer Statistics [2:07]

Cancer statistics, 2023 (American Cancer Society, 1/12/23)
Incidence Drops for Cervical Cancer But Rises for Prostate Cancer (American Cancer Society, 1/12/23)
U.S. Cancer Deaths Decline Overall, But Prostate Cancers Make Rebound (U.S. News, 1/12/22)
US cancer death rate falls 33% since 1991, partly due to advances in treatment, early detection and less smoking, report says (CNN, 1/12/23)
American Cancer Society’s Cancer Statistics 2023 Report Released (The ASCO Post, 1/13/23)
Cancer death rates down but racial disparities persist among Black men and women (ABC, 1/12/23)
Cancer Deaths Are Down but Cancer Fear Isn’t. Why? (Psychology Today, 1/17/23)
Cancer Stat Facts: Common Cancer Sites (National Cancer Institute, NIH)
Cancer Data and Statistics (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
Cancer-Detecting Blood Tests Gain Ground as New Market Opens Up (Wall Street Journal, 10/7/22)
A new frontier for early cancer detection? (Peter Attia, 7/25/21)
AI Tool Predicts Risk of lung Cancer (Harvard Medical School, 1/18/23)
Ep. 106 | DNA, Crime, & Privacy, Workplace Hustle (Lost Debate, 1/12/23)

Podcast Boom ===> Bust? [20:37]

The Great Podcasting Market Correction (Bloomberg, 1/4/23)
How will podcasting fare in 2023? (HotPod, 12/22/22)
US podcast ad revenue to reach $2 billion in 2022 and top $4 billion by 2024 (TechCrunch, 5/9/22)
2022: The Year That Podcasting Died (Nick Hilton/Medium, 12/16/22)
US Podcast Advertising Revenue Study (IAB/PwC, 5/9/22)
How podcasts became so popular (The Verge, 7/19/19)
Podcast Industry Report: Market Growth and Advertising Statistics in 2022 (INSIDER Intelligence, 7/29/21)
Podcast sponsorship revenue continues to fuel NPR’s financial growth (Current, 9/13/19)

Revisiting Parental Rights in Education & Stop W.O.K.E. Acts in Florida [31:44]

Muzzled by DeSantis, Critical Race Theory Professors Cancel Courses or Modify Their Teaching (ProPublica, 1/3/23)
What Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Really Means (New York Post, 1/7/23)
In win for DeSantis admin., judge rules Florida didn’t violate ‘Stop WOKE’ order (WFLA, 1/16/23)
Ron DeSantis’s war on “wokeness” is a war against the First Amendment (Vox, 1/17/23)
Here’s What Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ and Anti-‘Woke’ Bills Actually Say (Education Week, 3/18/22)
Don’t Say ‘Don’t Say Gay’ (National Review, 3/8/22)
What Is the “Don’t Say Gay” Law Really About? (Plain English/The Ringer, 3/29/22)
Gender transitions at school spur debate over when, or if, parents are told (Washington Post, 7/18/22)
Teachers who mention sexuality are ‘grooming’ kids, conservatives say (Washington Post, 4/5/22)
Against ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Propaganda (Newsweek Op-Ed, 3/14/22)
Does the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Say That? (Wall Street Journal, 3/11/22)
Governor DeSantis Announces Legislative Proposal to Stop W.O.K.E. Activism and Critical Race Theory in Schools and Corporations (Governor Ron DeSantis, 12/15/21)
The mental health establishment is failing trans kids (Washington Post Op-Ed, 11/24/21)
HB7 Impact: North Florida College (Second Survey) (MuckRock, 8/18/22)

 Voicemails [56:04]