Episode 38

1619 Debate, Elon & Twitter, Whitmer Kidnapping Case, Inflation

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start us off with the surprise result in Michigan: zero convictions for the men accused of conspiring to kidnap the governor of Michigan. They discuss how prosecutors’ case fell apart before turning to the 1619 Project and how it’s undermined its own legitimacy by sweeping past historical inaccuracies, issuing quiet corrections, and flip-flopping on some of its most forceful assertions. The hosts then take a look at the white-hot inflation burning through Americans’ wallets, asking whether the Fed can cool things down while avoiding a recession. Finally, they mourn the power couple that could’ve been (Elon Musk


Ravi and Rikki go through the details of the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping conspiracy case in Michigan, debating along the way as they land on differing interpretations of the surprising result: zero convictions. [01:07] 

While acknowledging the important discourse the 1619 Project invites, the hosts don’t shy away from its failings as they recount its historical inaccuracies, its dubious journalism, and the sweeping claims it later softened. Ravi closes the conversation by highlighting the equally problematic retaliations to 1619, like the Trump-commissioned 1776 Curriculum, concluding history books don’t benefit from partisanship. [11:22] 

Cory paints a damning picture of surging inflation and the Fed’s chances of turning the heat down without triggering a recession. Ravi and Rikki argue the Fed will struggle to manage a “soft landing” and a downturn may be inevitable at this point. [35:44] 

Cory reveals Elon Musk’s heartbreaking decision to not join Twitter’s board in holy matrimony. Ravi and Rikki wonder what he would have brought – and may still bring, as its largest shareholder – to Twitter as a platform. [43:19] 

Rikki wraps up with a brief exposé on the tens of millions Intuit and H&R Block have spent on lobbying to keep our tax system the way it is: opaque and expensive. [49:31]

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