Episode 46

Which Party’s Changed More, Market Turmoil, ACLU, Cap Hill Union, NY Maps

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start with the worrying trend of increasing polarization we’re seeing in both the Democratic and Republican parties. They then move on to the tanking markets, mission creep at the ACLU, Capitol Hill staffers finally unionizing, and the demise of New York’s gerrymandered congressional map. 


Ravi outlines the changes he perceives within the respective parties and Cory argues that the radical changes to the Democratic platform in his lifetime still don’t equate to the radical shift in Republicans’ approach to politics in the last half-decade. Rikki finishes up by pointing out how this has caused significant portions of both parties’ former bases to no longer identify with them. [1:02]

The hosts discuss why markets are tumbling, whether a recession is inevitable, and how the economy might fare in the near future. [15:20]

Rikki goes through the ACLU’s bizarre ties to the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp defamation case and how that and several other recent examples amount to a worrying case of mission creep in the increasingly partisan organization. [22:00]

Ravi remarks on House staffers only just now getting the green light to unionize, calling out Democrats for a longstanding discrepancy between their pro-union rhetoric and how they manage their own staff. He then plays a disconcerting game with Cory and Rikki, comparing quotes from campaign staffers versus Amazon employees. [30:44]

Cory then wraps up with an update on New York’s gerrymandered congressional map getting thrown out once and for all, delaying this year’s primaries. [39:09]

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