Episode 50

TX Shooting, Police Reform, FL Social Media, NY Maps, PA Ballots, GA Races

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start with the horrific school shooting in Texas, leaving 21 people dead: 19 of them, only 4th graders. The hosts give their takes on the resulting gun reform debate playing out across the country before turning to another heated reform discussion: police accountability. They go through Biden’s executive order and whether it’s a template worth applying on a wider scale. Then the hosts jump into Florida’s soundly rejected social media free speech bill, drawing the ire of Gov. DeSantis. Finally, they wrap up with a little politics roundup: chaotic new maps in New York, a mixed bag for Trump in Georgia, and modern-day hanging chads in Pennsylvania. 


Uvalde School Shooting [1:10]

Cory, Ravi, and Rikki first voice their profound distress at yet another tragic mass shooting in America. Rikki walks through the details before we turn to the debate over red flag laws and the extent to which gun reform can even prevent these horrific mass murders. Ravi stakes out an argument for stricter gun control, sparking debate with Rikki over the 2nd Amendment and American gun culture.

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Police Reform [24:09]

Cory brings us to Biden’s new executive order aimed at middle-ground police reform, as Ravi and Rikki explain the various measures included in the order and which might prove effective as a template for state and local departments to craft their own guidance. Ravi closes the discussion with the nuanced politics of qualified immunity.

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FL Social Media Free Speech Law [31:34]

Rikki tees off on Florida’s social media free speech law, sympathizing with the underlying motivations – censorship of conservative viewpoints on tech platforms – while criticizing Gov. DeSantis’ efforts to cast Twitter and others as “common carriers.”

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A *Radical* Idea [38:55]

Ravi pitches Cory and Rikki on another one of his radical ideas, staying in the education world with some fair-minded questions on the tax status of wealthy private schools.

Political Round-Up [44:15]

Finally, the hosts end the week with a political roundup. Ravi lays out the Democrat-on-Democrat chaos of New York’s new congressional maps, Cory gives us the results in Georgia and what they mean for the Trump Effect, and Rikki updates us on the mail-in ballots that have Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary in limbo.

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