Episode 26

Trump Probe, Inflation, TikTok Pros/Cons, SF School Board, Dating Politics

In Today’s Show, The Hosts Discuss The Multifaceted Causes Of The Inflation Crisis; The Mounting Investigations Into The Trump Organization And How The Company’s Accountants Are Jumping Ship; The Rise Of TikTok And How It’s Negatively And Positively Affecting Society; The Whole Fiasco That Led To San Francisco Voters Recalling Members Of Their School Board; And The New Conservative Dating App In The Works, The Right Stuff.


Cory Establishes The Latest 40-Year-High Inflation Number And A Popular Theory Floating Amongst The Left That The Crisis Boils Down To Corporate Greed. Ravi Comes With Receipts And A Possible Explanation As To How This Narrative Came About. [01:10]

The Hosts Discuss Some Of The More Probable Reasons And Observe Patterns Behind The High Inflation, Including Big Government Spending During The Quarantine, Surging Money Supply, Supply Shortages, And The Business Practices Of Oligopolies Like The Meat Industry. [03:12]

Cory And Rikki Delve Into Why Big Corporations Have Raised Their Prices, And The Extent To Which This Explains Heightened Inflation. [08:50]

Ravi Notes The Disparity Between Inflation Rates In The U.S. And Europe And Why That Is. He Argues For Reform In Order To Combat Inflation, And Explains That The Market Can Either Correct Itself, Or The Government Can Take Active Steps To Address Shortfalls. Rikki Mentions How Gerald Ford Employed The Same Strategy As What The Left Is Advocating For, And How It Failed Miraculously. [10:36]

Cory Introduces The Trump Investigation And The Latest Developments: Mazars Cutting Ties With The Trump Organization. [14:00]

Ravi Runs Down The Active Cases Against Trump And Asserts That The Investigations Into Trump Need To Be Independent, Impartial, And Apolitical To Be Seen As Legitimate. Rikki Points Out That The Financial Cases Dominating Headlines Right Now Probably Wouldn’t Be As Prominent Were It Not For The Preexisting Spotlight On Trump. We Then Touch On Trump’s Unusual Means Of Destroying White House Documents, Some Of Which May Have Been Protected Under The Presidential Records Act. Cory Elaborates On Trump’s Misconduct, Which Included Taking Boxes Of Classified Docs To Mar-A-Lago. [14:42]

The Hosts Discuss The Disproportionate Media Coverage Devoted To Hillary Clinton’s Emails As Compared To Trump’s Scandals In The Lead-Up To The 2016 Election. Ravi And Cory Argue It Shows The Media’s Need To Sensationalize And Perhaps A Sexist Element To The Coverage. They Also Discuss How All The Coverage Of Both Candidates Was Overwhelmingly Negative Ahead Of That Election. [18:55]

Next, We Ask: Is TikTok A Force Of Good Or Harm In This Digital Age, Especially When It Comes To Young Women? [23:51]

Rikki Explains A Troubling Mental Health Phenomenon Plaguing Young Girls On TikTok And Ravi And Cory Ask What Can Be Done About It And What Could Be Causing It. [24:13]

Cory Asserts That TikTok Also Has Its Benefits, As Shown By The Success Story Of A Now-Famous Housekeeper Named Vanessa. Rikki Agrees And Reiterates That Any Criticism Of TikTok, And Any Other Social Media Platform, Deserves Nuance. [29:47]

San Francisco Recently Recalled Three Members Of Its School Board After A Series Of Questionable Decisions That Angered Parents During The Height Of The Pandemic. [34:21]

Ravi Lists The Many Missteps Of The San Francisco Board In The Name Of Optics, From Long And Pointless Debates Over Performative Wokeness While Failing To Work On A Reopening Plan For Their Schools And Excusing The Hypocritical Behavior Of One Of Its Now-Recalled Members. [34:40]

Rikki Points This Out As A Good Example Of Parental Intervention Working In An Education Environment. [39:26]

The Hosts Discuss The New Right-Wing Dating App In Development, The Right Stuff, And How In New York, Every Dating App Seems To Be Left-Wing. They Then Go Over A Few Of Cory’s Ideas For How To Name A Left-Wing Dating App. [40:17]

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