Episode 62

Roe v. Wade Fallout, Crypto Bankruptcies, Relentless Inflation

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start off by tackling the far-reaching fallout of Roe v. Wade before turning to staggering inflation and crypto bankruptcies. The hosts then finish up with a couple of updates surrounding Twitter, Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Texas lawmakers’ report on Uvalde, and the Manhattan DA dropping much-criticized murder charges against a bodega worker.


The hosts dive into the nationwide fallout we’re seeing from the end of Roe v. Wade, including the troubling coverage of a 10-year-old rape victim who crossed state lines to get an abortion, the ambiguity surrounding abortion medication, and the practical vs. symbolic impact of Biden’s executive response.

Rikki unpacks the astoundingly high inflation rate and runs down the tangible effects we’re seeing in the price of everyday goods, as Ravi gets into the seemingly contradictory numbers we’re seeing in the labor market right now. Cory offers some context for how the economic hurt differs around the country. Ravi wonders whether the stock market might be predicting some relief to come.

Ravi breaks down the collapse of crypto lenders Celsius and Voyager before the hosts discuss whether their demise — and the lack of recourse for their investors — calls for some regulation to come to the crypto world.

Finally, the hosts tick through some rapid fire updates: Twitter vs. Elon in the Delaware Court of Chancery, Biden’s seemingly chummy visit to Saudi Arabia, Texas lawmakers’ report on the mishandling of the Uvalde police response, and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg dropping much-criticized murder charges against a bodega worker. 

Roe v. Wade Fallout [01:46]

A rape, an abortion, and a one-source story: a child’s ordeal becomes national news (NPR, 07/13)
The right-wing smear campaign against a doctor who helped a 10-year-old rape victim (Popular Information, 07/14)
Here’s what’s in Biden’s executive order on abortion rights (CNN, 07/08)
Under pressure, Biden Issues Executive Order on Abortion (The New York Times, 07/08)
Explainer: What’s next for abortion pills after the fall of Roe (The Washington Post, 07/09)
What Are Abortion Pills and How Widely Are They Used? (The Wall Street Journal, 07/01)

Inflation [21:06]

Five takeaways from the stunning inflation numbers (The Hill, 07/13)
Inflation Is the Five-Alarm Fire Burning Down the American Economy (National Review, 07/13)
U.S. weekly jobless claims hit 8-month high; labor market still tight (Reuters, 07/14)
U.S. Retail Sales Rose 1% in June (The Wall Street Journal, 07/15)
Gas price drop hits 30 straight days as oil prices continue collapse (Yahoo Finance, 07/14)

Crypto Bankruptcy/Crypto Crash [28:23]

From $25 billion to $167 million: How a major crypto lender collapsed and dragged many investors down with it (CNBC, 07/17)
Crypto investors get a crash course in bankruptcy law – and how they sit at the bottom of the pile (Fortune, 07/18)
Analysis: Clients of crypto lender Celsius face long wait over fate of their funds (Reuters, 07/18)

Rapid Fire Segment [37:08]

Elon Musk Claps Back at Twitter’s Lawsuit Over $44 Billion Deal (The New York Times, 07/15)
Biden Left Awaiting Benefits After Fist Bump in Saudi Arabia (Bloomberg, 07/16)
Texas Report Finds Police Failures in Uvalde School Shooting (The Wall Street Journal, 07/18)