episode 146

RFK & Rogan, GOP Primary, How Congress Should Work

Ravi is joined by guest co-host Isaac Saul, founder and author of the popular newsletter Tangle. Presidential hopeful RFK Jr. went on Joe Rogan’s podcast to talk through his candidacy and his years of anti-vaccine advocacy. Rogan then offered vaccine scientist Peter Hotez $100,000 to debate RFK. Should scientists debate conspiracy theorists? After the House Freedom Caucus demanded concessions from Kevin McCarthy during the speaker election, their revolt hasn’t stopped. Ravi and Isaac discuss how the caucus is flexing its power and what House Democrats can learn from their tactics. From DeSantis and Pence to Ramaswamy, it seems like a new Republican jumps into the GOP primary race every other week. We take stock of the candidates and debate who has the best chance to beat Trump.


RFK & Rogan [00:00]
How Congress Should Work [24:09]
GOP Primary [38:36]