Episode 54

Reparations, Boudin Recall, NYC Casinos, Campus Free Speech

Ravi first reminds listeners to subscribe to two new podcasts – the Desi Crime Podcast, and Stitch This with Cory Bradford – as well as the Lost Debate newsletter. The hosts then begin with Chesa Boudin’s recall in San Francisco and the proposal to bring casinos to NYC before moving to an update on the free speech controversy at Georgetown Law. Ravi, Cory, and Rikki then turn to the complex debate over reparations and touch on the bipartisan gun talks in the Senate before wrapping up with another one of Ravi’s radical ideas.  


Ravi runs down the policies that put San Francisco’s now former district attorney, Chesa Boudin, out of a job. Cory and Rikki follow up with some stats and examples illustrating why voters turned on Boudin and discuss whether more progressive DAs could be next.

Rikki and Cory express their skepticism at the concept of three casinos in NYC as Ravi wonders why the government regulates gambling differently than other vices.

Rikki brings us an update on Ilya Shapiro’s resignation from Georgetown Law and the free speech controversy that’s followed him for the last five months.

The hosts then turn to the incredibly complicated matter of reparations for slavery. Ravi covers the question of blame versus responsibility as the hosts debate what is owed and how – or whether, even – the legacy of America’s foundational sin can ever be redressed.

Ravi critiques the incremental gun reform package that seems to be taking shape in bipartisan Senate talks as Rikki argues a piecemeal approach to progress trumps no progress at all.

And finally, Ravi’s wild idea: non-compete agreements to rein in the many politicians forever aspiring to higher office by forcing them to focus on their current jobs.

Boudin Recall [01:50]

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NYC Casinos [14:37]

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Ilya Shapiro [20:30] 

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Reparations [25:00]

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Gun Reform [35:45]

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Ravi’s Radical Idea [41:48]