Episode 95

Ransomware, Education in the Midterms, Debt from Dating, Ukraine Interview

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Rikki and Ravi share where the attacks are coming from, laws put in place to combat them, and how to protect yourself from one. The hosts then take a look at which party – if either – won the education culture war based on midterm election results. That’s followed by a conversation about an inconspicuous activity driving more young people into debt these days: dating. We wrap up with an interview on where things stand in the Russia-Ukraine war with Anatol Lieven, Director of the Eurasia Program at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.


Rikki breaks down what ransomware attacks are and how they work, followed by a discussion about what can be done to prevent them and what’s at stake.

Ravi analyzes the impact of the education culture war on the midterms and questions whether a clear victor was crowned.

Rikki explores how rising costs have made dating more expensive, causing young people to spend money they don’t have.

In our interview with Anatol Lieven, we discuss the significance of Ukraine regaining control of Kherson and what Russia and Ukraine’s next moves might be.

Rikki and Ravi respond to a couple of voicemails from listeners.

Ransomware [5:08]

Ransomware Is An Epidemic And It’s Getting Worse | Cryptoland (Vice, 9/14/22) 
The Biden administration seeks to rally allies and the private sector against the ransomware threat (WaPo, 6/4/21)
Australia to consider banning ransomware payments (The Record Media, 11/14/22)
Is the drop in ransomware numbers an illusion? (WaPo, 8/17/22)
Colonial Pipeline hack explained: Everything you need to know (Tech Target, 4/26/22)
How Cryptocurrency Gave Birth to the Ransomware Epidemic (4/15/22)
Cybercriminals behind Los Angeles Unified School District ransomware attack release hacked data, superintendent says (CNN, 10/2/22)
Reports of government ransomware attacks are down, but looks are deceiving (7/29/22)

Education Midterm Results [18:44]

How “Education Freedom” Played in the Midterms (The New Yorker, 11/9/22)
The School-Choice Election Wave (WSJ Opinion, 11/10/22)
Both Sides Claim Victory on Education, but No Clear Lessons from Midterms (The 74, 11/16/22)
GOP school boards: How Republicans fared in school board elections all over the country (USA Today, 11/9/12)
Education choice supporters win big in 2022 midterm elections (Fox, 11/14/22)
Here’s What Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Win Could Mean for New York Schools (The City, 11/9/22)
California school board races don’t see red wave (EdSource, 11/10/22)
Despite GOP gains across the state, voters in the Austin-area suburb of Round Rock rejected conservative school board candidates (The Texas Tribune, 11/14/22)

Debt from Dating [32:46]

77% of Daters Say Dating Could Be Easier if They Had More Money, With Some Going on Fewer Dates Due to Inflation (Lendingtree, 9/26/2022) 
22% of millennials are going into debt from dating: ‘Everything is getting more expensive (CNBC, 10/10/22)
Dating With Debt? When and How to Tell a Partner What You Owe (The Ascent, 4/22/21) 

 Ukraine [41:20]
Voicemails [1:03:30]