Ep 217

The Perils of the Trump Cases

Ravi weighs in on Israel's new ceasefire offer and Donald Trump's immunity case before the Supreme Court. He then welcomes Mark Keierleber to the show to discuss the educator experience in 2024.


Ravi welcomes Amy Davidson Sorkin from The New Yorker to the show to explore the legal challenges of the various cases against Donald Trump, including the immunity case before the Supreme Court, and the potential consequences of a conviction before the election. They then turn to Joseph Fischer v. United States and discuss how the Supreme Court might rule on whether prosecutors can use federal obstruction laws to charge individuals involved in the January 6 Capitol attack.

Tim Daly, founder of The Education Daly and CEO of EdNavigator, then joins Ravi to explain why experts considered Finland the exemplar of quality education for many years and what we can learn from its steep decline. Ravi and Tim talk about how Finland’s education system impacted advocacy around No Child Left Behind and why it’s important to develop a deeper understanding of what drives educational success.