Episode 33

NYT for Free Speech, Texas Abortions, Adams v. The Left, Ukrainian Refugees

In today’s show, Ravi and Reason’s Liz Wolfe start with the New York Times’ belated defense of free speech, companies jumping into the political battle over abortion in Texas, Eric Adams getting pushback from the progressive left, and an update on the Ukrainian refugee crisis. 


Ravi and Liz discuss the recent piece from the New York Times’ editorial board decrying America’s free speech problem, a welcome declaration from a paper that’s seemed in thrall in recent years to the cancellation instincts the piece condemns. 

Both Liz and Ravi list a number of less-publicized examples of left-wing cancellations and how the entire notion of “cancel culture” takes many forms, none of them popular with the American public at large. Ravi then lists some counterbalancing right-wing examples to demonstrate the issue cuts both ways. 

Ravi and Liz then turn to Citigroup offering to pay for employees in Texas to seek abortions out of state and the tricky private sector vs. government regulation angle of this ever-controversial issue. 

Liz gives her own take on abortion procedures in general and why she finds the direction of the national debate troubling. Ravi lays out how the partisan aspects of that debate have changed over the years.

Ravi checks in with his favorite discussion topic mayor, New York’s Eric Adams, and the new resistance he’s facing from the progressive left. Ravi and Liz discuss whether The People’s Plan can successfully chip away at Adams’ political capital. 

The segment briefly descends into a DeBlasio takedown before circling back to charter schools as a blind spot for many Democrats. 

Ravi gives a brief update on the war in Ukraine and the 3-million-plus refugees who have fled the country since Russia invaded roughly a month ago. 

Liz lauds the announcement that the U.S. will welcome 100,000 of those refugees and argues both political parties should embrace immigration in the interest of bettering the country.

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