Episode 81

“Non-profit” Hospitals, TikTok Security, NYC Housing, Teacher Pay

Ravi and Rikki begin with the persistent national security concerns around TikTok, before turning to the riches of non-profit-in-name-only hospitals, New York’s failure to follow through on converting vacant hotels into affordable housing, and a deep dive on the conventional wisdom around underpaid teachers.


 Ravi and Rikki discuss the measures being taken in order to regulate TikTok, the only somewhat contrasting approaches of the Trump and Biden administrations, and the platform’s national security implications.

The hosts turn to non-profit-in-name-only hospitals and how the institutions make immense sums of money for their executives at the expense of employees and patients.

Ravi and Rikki grit their teeth in frustration as they recount New York’s failure to hold to a pandemic priority: converting vacant hotels to housing for the homeless. 

The hosts wrap up by examining the nuances of an oft-oversimplified discussion: whether teachers are fairly compensated.

TikTok National Security Concerns [2:32]

TikTok Is Bleeding U.S. Execs Because China Is Still Calling The Shots, Ex-Employees Say (Forbes, 9/21)
TikTok Seen Moving Toward U.S. Security Deal, but Hurdles Remain (New York Times, 9/26)
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Non-Profit Hospitals [14:40]

‘Profits over patients’: Study finds charity care lackluster for nonprofit hospitals that enjoy tax-exempt status (Port City Daily, 10/28/2021)
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NY Hotels // Affordable Housing [30:45]

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Teacher Pay [44:10]

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