Episode 41

Musk Buys Twitter, CNN+, Florida vs. Disney, Gun Deaths, Cottontroversy

Ravi gives a few quick updates on the new Lost Debate newsletter and changes to our YouTube page. Then the hosts dive into a big block of media stories, including Elon’s successful takeover bid at Twitter, the swift demise of CNN+, slowing growth at Netflix, and the state of play in the streaming wars. We then move on to DeSantis’ feud with Disney and the lesser-known special tax status the company had in Florida for decades. They then debate the worst year on record for gun deaths among children, possible explanations as to why, and their own personal opinions on the ever-lively gun reform debate. The hosts finish with the controversy in a San Francisco classroom over using cotton to teach about slavery.


Ravi introduces the Lost Debate newsletter – the first one, dealing with New York’s investigations of former President Trump – as well as some changes to our YouTube page. [00:34]

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki speculate on Musk’s vision for Twitter and how he will implement it now that he’s acquired the company. They sort through all the noise around his takeover and what it could mean for the social media “public square.” [02:40]

The hosts then make their cases for why CNN+ so dramatically flopped before turning to the slowing growth at Netflix and why the takes on both situations might be overblown. [09:46]

Cory gets us into DeSantis’ recent move to strip Disney of its special tax status in Florida as Rikki goes through the timeline of their feud. Ravi explains what exactly Disney’s special tax status means and why revoking it could have consequences for neighboring districts, all in the name of political retaliation. [18:36]

Cory outlines a record year for gun deaths in 2020, wherein guns became the leading cause of death among children for the first time in America’s history. Ravi and Rikki debate the extent of the Second Amendment and the proper federal response to surging gun deaths while Cory takes a step back to address the related problems that need dealing with too. [26:38]

The hosts discuss the confusing controversy around a teacher in San Francisco who was suspended for using raw cotton in a lesson about slavery. They discuss the resulting outrage from the left and how it could’ve easily come from the right instead. [40:47]

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