Episode 79

Martha’s Vineyard Migrants, Patagonia Donation, Congressional Stock Trading

Ravi and Rikki start with FL Gov. Ron DeSantis transporting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, MA, before turning to the Patagonia founder’s decision to donate the company to climate change efforts, growing calls for Congress to ban its members from trading stocks, and how CBP is holding a secret trove of Americans’ device data. 


Ravi and Rikki grapple with Gov. DeSantis’ controversial move to transport a group of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. They then lament how immigration has become so politically polarized that it lacks any pretense of coming to solutions.

The hosts break down Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard’s recent move to give away his $3 billion company and how it’s been received. Ravi follows up with a larger issue with 501(c)(4)s. 

Ravi and Rikki talk about the growing calls for a ban on congressional stock trading before examining a troubling NYT report on Congressmembers’ committees and investments.

Rikki explains how Customs and Border Protection has been secretly holding troves of Americans’ personal data for years undetected. Ravi notes a pattern of waning public concern when it comes to data security and privacy these days.

Martha’s Vineyard Migrants [02:15]

As officials scramble to aid migrants, Democrats question whether DeSantis’ move was illegal (Boston Globe, 9/15)
Blonde Mystery Woman ‘Perla’ At Center Of Martha’s Vineyard Migrant Controversy (Forbes, 9/17)
Migrants offered temporary shelter at Joint Base Cape Cod, Baker administration announces (Boston Globe, 9/16)
Flying migrants to Massachusetts was political, critics say. But was it legal? (NPR, 9/18)
‘Huge mistake’: DeSantis’ migrant transports could undercut support in South Florida (Politico, 9/17)
The smoking gun in Martha’s Vineyard (Popular Information, 9/19)
Gov. DeSantis sends migrants to Martha’s Vineyard (Fox News YouTube Channel, 1:58, 9/15)
DeSantis responds to criminal investigation after he flew migrants to Martha’s Vineyard (Fox News Youtube Channel, 1:17, 9/20)

Patagonia Donation [18:14]

Patagonia’s Next Chapter: Earth Is Now Our Only Shareholder (Patagonia, 9/14)
Patagonia’s $3 billion corporate gift is also a convenient way to avoid taxes (Quartz, 9/16)
Patagonia Won’t Save the World Without Addressing Some of Its Prior Failures (The New Republic, 9/17)
How a Secretive Billionaire Handed His Fortune to the Architect of the Right-Wing Takeover of the Courts (ProPublica, 8/22)
Patagonia’s Philosopher-King (The New Yorker, 9/12/2016)
Ben Sheehan’s Explanation on the Difference Between 501(c)(3) Organizations and 501(c)(4) Organizations (Instagram, 9/17)
Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard gives away company to combat climate change (CNBC Television YouTube Channel, 1:08, 9/15)

Congressional Stock Trading [29:54]

Stock Trades Reported By Nearly a Fifth of Congress Show Possible Conflicts (New York Times, 9/13)
These 97 Members of Congress Reported Trades in Companies Influenced by Their Committees (New York Times, 9/13)
Unsealed FBI docs reveal a flurry of calls and stock trades by Sen. Burr in early 2020 (CNBC, 9/6)
Spanberger has centered a stock-trading ban. Pelosi says a vote is coming. (Washington Post, 9/15)
Congress might finally ban members from conducting sketchy stock trades (Washington Post Op-Ed, 9/18)
Do senators and house members beat the stock market? Evidence from the STOCK Act (Dartmouth College, 2/5)
Instruction Manual for Financial Disclosure Statements and Periodic Transaction Reports (U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ethics, 2020)
ETFs that track stock trades of members of Congress planned (Investment News, 9/16)
Pelosi Asked Point Blank: Why Haven’t You Put Bill To Ban Lawmakers From Stock Trades On Floor? (Forbes Breaking News YouTube Channel, 1:11, 9/14)
Renewed Push For Congressional Stock Trading Ban (MSNBC YouTube Channel, 3:33, 9/13)

CBP Data Collection [41:15]

Customs officials have copied Americans’ phone data at massive scale (Washington Post, 9/15)
Security News This Week: US Border Agents May Have a Copy of Your Text Messages (Wired, 9/17)
Wyden Reveals New Details About U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s ‘Egregious Violations’ of Americans’ Rights During Warrantless Electronic Device Searches (Ron Wyden’s Website, 9/15)
US Customs agents can take and keep phone data of people entering the country (WRAL YouTube Channel, 0:15, 9/16)
Scott Galloway on Internet Relevance over Privacy (Ogilvy Asia, 2:19, 6/26/2015)